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Subject: 7.1187, Calls: Penn Linguistics Colloquium, Call for photos from COSWL
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Date:  Thu, 22 Aug 1996 14:33:02 EDT
From:  lipson3 at BABEL.ling.upenn.edu (Mimi Lipson)
Subject:  Penn Linguistics Colloquium
Date:  Thu, 22 Aug 1996 22:03:24 CDT
From:  david at utafll.uta.edu (David Silva)
Subject:  Call for Photos from COSWL
Date:  Thu, 22 Aug 1996 14:33:02 EDT
From:  lipson3 at BABEL.ling.upenn.edu (Mimi Lipson)
Subject:  Penn Linguistics Colloquium
                            CALL FOR PAPERS
                   The Penn Linguistics Club Announces
            The Twenty-first Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium
               Saturday and Sunday, February 22 and 23, 1997
 		   Invited Speaker: Alec Marantz, M.I.T.
We welcome papers on any topic in linguistics. In addition, this
year's meeting will feature a special session on morphology.
Speakers will have twenty minutes for their presentation and five
minutes for discussion and questions.
Prospective speakers should submit an abstract no later than Monday,
December 2nd, 1996 to:
          The Penn Linguistics Colloquium Committee
          Department of Linguistics
          619 Williams Hall
          University of Pennsylvania
          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6305
Abstracts for either the general conference or the special session
should be no longer than 2 pages in 12 point font with 1 inch margins
and should be accompanied by an index card including your name,
affiliation (department and institution), address, email address and
the subfield of linguistics (or related discipline) that you find most
appropriate to your topic. All abstracts labeled "morphology" will be
considered for inclusion in the special session.  Submission by email
to plc21 at babel.ling.upenn.edu will be greatly appreciated.
Abstracts will be evaluated by reviewers from the University of
Pennsylvania and other institutions.
Colloquium participants are invited to submit their paper to the Penn
Review of Linguistics, which will be published late in the spring
following the Colloquium.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at the above
address or via e-mail at plc21 at babel.ling.upenn.edu
Date:  Thu, 22 Aug 1996 22:03:24 CDT
From:  david at utafll.uta.edu (David Silva)
Subject:  Call for Photos from COSWL
*          OF THE LINGUISTIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA               *
*                                                             *
*                      announces a                            *
*                                                             *
*        C A L L    F O R    P H O T O G R A P H S            *
One charge of the LSA's Committee on the Status of Women in
Linguistics (COSWL) is to gather and distribute information about and
for women in linguistics.  During the past several years, COSWL has
worked toward meeting these goals by sponsoring a number of on-going
projects that track and guide women's career paths: an institutional
questionnaire, a personal questionnaire, mentoring workshops, and a
women's narrative project.  For the 1997 LSA Annual Meeting in Chicago
(January 2-5), COSWL will be organizing a special presentation
entitled "The Lives of Women Linguists: Words and Images", an audio-
visual forum for documenting and celebrating the lives of women in the
The audio portion of the presentation will comprise dramatic readings
based on edited and anonymatized interviews of women linguists,
excerpted from the newly-created database for the COSWL Narrative
The visual presentation will consist of photographs of women linguists
-  to be supplied by women and men in the field today.
COSWL is asking all memebers of the linguistics community to help us
prepare for this important event.  The committee is thus soliciting
photographs of women linguists from all levels of the discipline, from
undergraduate students to professors emeritae.  Photos should feature
women in linguistics, either alone or in groups.
COSWL is especially interested in collecting photographs of all of the
LSA's past women presidents, as a tribute to their important
contributions to the society.
COSWL invites all interested parties to contribute to the project by
lending up to 7 photographs consistent with the theme of the exhibit.
(Anyone with a larger number of photos that they believe would be of
special value to the project, should contact David Silva before
submitting more than 7 photos.)
To submit photos, please follow these instructions:
1.  Select up to seven photographs depicting women in linguistics and
label the back of each with your name, phone #, and e-mail address.
We suggest that you use a mailing label to do this; do not write
directly on the back of the photo, as the pressure of the pen may
damage the print.
2.  Also attach to the back of the photograph the names of all
identifiable subjects; this can be done with either a label
(preferred) or with a "post-it".  If there is more than one person in
the photo, please clearly identify each.
3.  Place (a) the photographs and (b) a self-addressed stamped
envelope (with sufficient postage and clearly marked "PHOTOS: DO NOT
BEND") into a [slightly] larger envelope (also marked "DO NOT BEND")
and send to:
   David Silva                  or  Mary Bucholtz
   Attn:  COSWL Photos              Attn:  COSWL Photos
   UTA Linguistics -- Box 19559     Dept of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
   Arlington, TX  76019-0559        2337 Dwinelle Hall
                                    Berkeley, CA  94720-2650
Selected photographs will be digitally enlarged and reproduced for the
January exhibit.  All photographs will be returned in the
self-addressed stamped envelopes you provide.
After the Chicago meeting, the materials from the LSA exhibit will be
archived on the World Wide Web, thereby allowing greater access to the
words and images of women in the field.
If you have questions, please contact a member of COSWL or
e-mail David Silva at DAVID at UTA.EDU.
LINGUIST List: Vol-7-1187.

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