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Subject: 8.1687, FYI: NSF funding opportunity, Endangered lang fund

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Date:  Mon, 24 Nov 97 13:17:26 EST
From:  pchapin at nsf.gov
Subject:  New NSF funding opportunity

Date:  Mon, 24 Nov 1997 17:24:47 -0500
From:  whalen at lenny.haskins.yale.edu
Subject:  Endangered Lg Fund Founders' Circle

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 24 Nov 97 13:17:26 EST
From:  pchapin at nsf.gov
Subject:  New NSF funding opportunity

A new funding opportunity at the U. S. National Science Foundation may
be of interest to some readers.

Two NSF Programs - the Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics
Program in the Divison of Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research,
and the Statistics and Probability Program in the Division of
Mathematical Sciences - have announced a joint competition for a
limited number of mid-career research fellowships in the social,
behavioral, economic, and statistical sciences.  The objective of this
funding opportunity is to facilitate the development of innovative
methods and models for understanding complex social and behavioral
science phenomena.

Awards will cover release time and related expenses so that successful
investigators can spend an extended period of time at a host
institution immersing themselves in an area of study outside their
current areas of expertise. For example, a statistician interested in
developing methods for population projection may elect to spend the
fellowship period in the Sociology Department on his home campus.
Likewise, a psychologist interested in modeling learning behavior may
select as a host location a Statistics Department at a distant
institution.  For the purposes of this announcement, the host location
may be a different institution from the investigator's home
institution or a different department within the home institution.

Any qualified researcher may submit a proposal through normal
institutional channels at either the home or host institution.  To be
qualified, the researcher must be employed at a U.S. institution and
must have earned a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in the social,
behavioral, economic, or statistical sciences. Although applications
may be submitted from researchers at any level beyond the Ph.D., NSF
especially encourages the submission of proposals from senior
(post-tenure) researchers.

The announcement is NSF 98-18 and is available on the NSF website
< http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/1998/nsf9818/nsf9818.htm >.  The closing date
for applications is March 1, 1998.

Paul Chapin, NSF

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 24 Nov 1997 17:24:47 -0500
From:  whalen at lenny.haskins.yale.edu
Subject:  Endangered Lg Fund Founders' Circle

       As the end of our first year of activity nears, The Endangered
Language Fund would like to remind readers of the list that there is still
time to join the Founders' Circle.  The Founders' Circle recognizes those
individuals and groups who join the Fund at the Sustaining level in our
first year of operation.  The Sustaining level begins with donations of
$500 or more. Members of the Founders' Circle will be considered Sustaining
members for life, and will enjoy the benefits of that level, including:

        receipt of the ELF Newsletter
        discounts with various publishers
        easier ability to serve on various ELF boards
        a tape, videotape, transcript or other language artifact from the
            previous year's results

        At the end of 1997, membership in the Founder's circle will be
closed.  To commemorate our first anniversary, and to thank the members of the
Founders' Circle, each member will receive a plaque honoring their
        Please consider this important early contribution to help
preserve endangered languages.

        The Endangered Language Fund is a U.S. nonprofit organization
dedicated to the support of language maintenance programs, the scientific
study of endangered languages, and the sharing of results of those efforts
with the native communities and the scholarly world.  The Fund dispersed
$10,000 in grants this past year (see LINGUIST List, Vol-8-1553 for
details).  It is only through the generosity of our members that we are
able to do this work.

        Memberships are also welcome at our other levels.
*  Supporting members ($100 and up) receive the newsletter and the
            publisher discounts.
*  Members ($50) receive the newsletter.
*  Friends of the Fund may donate any amount.

        Donations are tax-deductible on U.S. tax returns.
Checks (in U.S. dollars) or charges to MasterCard or Visa (including
name as it appears on the card, card number,  expiration date, and
signature) can be sent to:
        Endangered Language Fund
        Dept. of Linguistics
        Yale University
        New Haven, CT  06520

email:  elf at haskins.yale.edu
visit our web site:  http://sapir.ling.yale.edu/~elf

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