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Date:  Thu, 27 Nov 1997 15:41:19 -0800
From:  Joao Costa <a.j.costa at mail.telepac.pt>
Subject:  ConSOLE 6 - Lisbon

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Date:  Thu, 27 Nov 1997 15:41:19 -0800
From:  Joao Costa <a.j.costa at mail.telepac.pt>
Subject:  ConSOLE 6 - Lisbon

We are happy to announce the program of the 6th issue of the Conference of
SOLE (Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe).
The conference will take place at the University of Lisbon (Faculty of
Arts) from the 15th until the 17th of December.
Registration fees, which include a volume of the proceedings, are:

	Students: PTE 4000
	Seniors:  PTE 7000

Further information may be obtained at the following email addresses:
sole at rullet.leidenuniv.nl, a.j.costa at mail.telepac.pt

The SOLE board,

Joao Costa, Rob Goedemans, Ruben van de Vijver and Tina Cambier-Langeveld

	ConSOLE 6
	University of Lisbon
	Invited Speaker: Eduardo Raposo (UC,Santa Barbara)

December 15

9.30-10.15- Transitive Expletive Constructions (Olaf Koeneman & Ad
Neeleman/ Utrecht University and UCL)
10.15-11.00- Word Order Variation in Irish Non-finite Clauses and the
Visibility of Functional Heads (Elizabeth McCoy/U. of York)


11.30-12.15- Focus and ECM (Aniko Liptak/ HIL-Leiden)
12.15-13.00- Karitiana: a Verb-Second language from Amazonia (Luciana

15.00-15.45- Syllable Structure and Consonant Durations in Dutch (Julitte
Waals /Utrecht U)
15.45-16.30- On the Prosodic Status of Stressless functional Words in
European Portuguese (Marina Vigario / U. of Minho)


17.00-17.45- Infl as AGR or T, but not both (Laurel la Porte-Grimes, UConn)
17.45-18.30- On Restructuring Constructions in European Portuguese
(Anabela Goncalves/ U.of Lisbon)

December 16

9.30-10.15- Actuality Entailments of Ability Modals (Rajesh Bhatt /UPenn
and MIT)
10.15-11.00- Verbal Small Clauses (Joan Rafel/ U.of Girona)


11.30-12.15- On classifying classification as a class of inflection in
German 	Sign Language (Susanne Gluck and Roland Pfau/ Goethe-Univ)
12.15-13.00- Prosodic and Syntactic Interaction: the acquisition of NP
functional projections in European Portuguese (Maria Joao Freitas &
Matilde Miguel /U. of Lisbon)


15.00-15.45- Non Predicative Particles in Swedish (Mikael Vinka/McGill)
15.45-16.30- The Lexical Extension Control Verb Hypothesis (Hironobu Hosoi
/ McGill)


17.00-17.45- A formal approach to Dialectology: Vowel Reduction in 	Romance
(Viola Miglio /U. of Maryland)
17.45-18.30- Positional Faithfulness and Truncation in child speech: What
gets kept and why? (Susan Garrett/ UPenn)

19.00- INVITED SPEAKER - Eduardo P. Raposo (Univ. of California, Santa
Barbara) - Title TBA

PARTY in the Evening!

December 17
9.30-10.15- The Acquisition of Expletive Definite articles in Modern Greek
(Theodore Marinis/ U. of Potsdam)
10.15-11.00- English Verbal Morphology and Feature Movement (Adolfo Ausin


11.30-12.15- Gerundive Nominals and the Role of Aspect (Laura Siegel/UPenn)
12.15-13.00- The Common Basis of Clitic Doubling and Scrambling (Dalina
Kallulli/U. of Durham)


15.00-15.45- A morphosyntactic based analysis for nominal compounds in
Spanish (Jose Luis Mendez/ U.Autonoma de Madrid & IUOrtega y 	Gasset)
15.45-16.30- Nominal Projection in a case of Agrammatic Aphasia in Dutch
(Esterella de Roo/ HIL-Leiden U)


17.00-17.45- En-cliticization, Raising to Subject and Case (Marie Claude
17.45-18.30- Economy, asymmetries and the Ellipsis Scope Generalization
(Danny Fox, MIT)

Evidence for <m> in Sudanese Colloquial Arabic (Michael Redford/ HIL-	Leiden)
An Optimality-approach to Dual-Edge Dependency in Malay dialects (Sung-	A
Kim/ U. of Texas,Austin)

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