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Date:  Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:15:46 -0500
From:  "Hypertext'98" <ht98 at ks.com>
Subject:  Hypertext '98 Submission Date Changed

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Date:  Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:15:46 -0500
From:  "Hypertext'98" <ht98 at ks.com>
Subject:  Hypertext '98 Submission Date Changed

                          Hypertext '98:
       The 9th ACM Conference on Hypermedia and Hypertext
                        20 - 24 June 1998
           Marriott City Center - Pittsburgh, PA, USA


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the deadline for
HT98 papers has been pushed back because of the veritable glut of
conferences with deadlines around the same time. We hope that this will
allow those of you who are interested in all aspects of hypermedia and
hypertext, and who haven't yet decided to submit a paper or panel to the
conference to do so. If you are already in the process of writing  your
submission, breathe easy, you have an extension!!

HT98 is one of the oldest conferences, if not the oldest, on subjects
relating to hypermedia and hypertext. It traditionally welcomes
presentation on many relevant topics, and is especially open to
multidisciplinary papers. It offers a full program of technical papers,
short papers, panels, workshops, tutorials, posters and demos, and a
doctoral consortium, for graduate students. HT98 will also be held in the
same location as, and right before DL98.

We would like to encourage you to submit a technical paper or panel to
HT98. These, together with tutorials and workshops, are due on Jan. 15. For
details about submissions, please see the HT98 web site,


HT98 is open to many new topics and marryings of topics. We are interested
in systems papers, theory papers, applications papers, hypertext in all its
guises and uses, standalone, multimedia and more. We are especially
interested in papers on hypertext and hypermedia on the WWW and beyond.
Other areas are: authoring, navigating, mapping, education, rhetoric, open
architectures, storage technologies, IR, hyperfiction and criticism,
distributed hypermedia and again, more. (For a full list of ideas, see the
web site)

Technical papers are original research papers, and are published in the
proceedings, a publication of record. Don't forget to show an awareness of
other work that has been done on your topic!

Panels are engaging and informative discussions on a common topic, amongst
a group of experts (who perhaps, especially..., don't agree!). They tend to
be the liveliest and best attended sessions at HT conferences.

Workshops take place before the conference, and are small meetings of
researchers on a particular topic. Workshops are proposed and posted, then
position papers are submitted to the proposer.

Short papers, demos and posters are due in late March. These provide a
great opportunity to present and get feedback on work in progress. Demos
and posters are especially popular as they provide an opportunity for
one-on-one conversations and a chance to try out some of the systems under

Please visit our web-site (http://www.ks.com/ht98) to get the latest update
on notification dates and other important information for proposers and

If you have any questions or suggestions -- feel free to contact us at
anytime at mailto:ht98info at ks.com.

Looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh in June!


	Program Co-chairs

	Kaj Groenbak
	Email: kgronbak at daimi.aau.dk

	Elli Mylonas
	Email: elli_mylonas at brown.edu

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