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Date:  Mon, 24 Aug 1998 07:38:17 -0400
From:  Tracy Mansfield <tmansfie at ineural.com>
Subject:  Job Opening: Cognitive Linguist

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Date:  Mon, 24 Aug 1998 07:38:17 -0400
From:  Tracy Mansfield <tmansfie at ineural.com>
Subject:  Job Opening: Cognitive Linguist

We are looking for people who are fascinated by the systematic encoding
of information patterns in natural and artificial languages. You will
design parts of the Cognitive Modality(tm) search engine after you gain
experience with the detailed encoding, testing, and documentation of the
established program. We encourage applications from linguists, cognitive
scientists, and information scientists, particularly from those among
you who display exceptional skills in such fields as lexicography,
discourse analysis, (case) frames, and game design.

English fluency is required (native or otherwise), and a strong
candidate will display equally strong critical writing skills. A general
familiarity with language systems other than English is essential, and
although multilingual fluency is not required for a position on the
CM(tm) team, it will be regarded favorably. Your computer literacy
should be, at the very least, broad if not deep, covering a variety of
operating systems, programming languages, and formal methodologies.

You will need to become proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office
suite of products (e.g. Word, Access, Project, Excel, and Outlook)*. Any
existing familiarity you might have with these programs will naturally
count in your favor.

Finally, your temperament must blend in well with that of the existing

It should be noted that we would consider both conventional and
alternative measures of experience.

Applications will be accepted by mail or email, sent to:

Tracy C. Mansfield
International Neural Machines, Inc.
175 Columbia Street West, Suite 203
Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 5Z5
tmansfie at ineural.com

NOTE: Recent graduates should also include a copy of their transcripts
along with their cover letter and rsum.

*The parenthicized product names are all registered trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation.

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