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Subject: 12.1979, All: Blackwell's LL+ Now Available

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Date:  8 Aug 2001 03:10:55 -0000
Subject:  Blackwell's LL+ is Ready!

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  8 Aug 2001 03:10:55 -0000
Subject:  Blackwell's LL+ is Ready!

We are pleased to announce that Blackwell's LINGUIST List Plus (LL+)
subscription site is up and running at
(http://www.linguistlistplus.com/), and ready to serve those who wish
to take advantage of this service.

As we have outlined in our previous messages (LINGUIST 1324, 1438, and
1531), this package is available only through LINGUIST List, and offers
subscribers several services that would otherwise be unavailable to
individuals. Your subscription entitles you to access to:

	LABO--Linguistics Abstracts Online--the searchable
	database of over 20,000 article abstracts, working papers, and
	conference proceedings.

	Glot International, the linguistics journal published ten times
	a year, providing scholarly articles, book and software reviews,
	cartoons, and much more.
	Discounts on all Blackwell's books and journals in
	Blackwell's Linguists' Bookstore.

Until December 31, 2001, the Early Bird subscription rate is $35.00;
after that it goes to $50.00, And although this service is entirely
separate from LINGUIST List, Blackwell Publishing will donate 20% of
each subscription to LINGUIST. So not only do you reap the individual
benefits of LL+, but LINGUIST and the linguistics community benefit as

We welcome your feedback--comments, questions, etc.; and as always,
we thank you for your continued support of LINGUIST.

Best regards,


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