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Date:  Mon, 08 Apr 2002 16:38:43 -0600
From:  Suzanne Kemmer <kemmer at rice.edu>
Subject:  Confs: Conceptual Structures, Discourse and Language

Date:  Tue, 9 Apr 2002 14:47:56 +0200
From:  "M.J. Schreuder" <M.J.Schreuder at let.rug.nl>
Subject:  TABU-day 2002

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 08 Apr 2002 16:38:43 -0600
From:  Suzanne Kemmer <kemmer at rice.edu>
Subject:  Confs: Conceptual Structures, Discourse and Language

The Conference on Conceptual Structures, Discourse, and Language at
Rice University (October 12-14, 2002) has the following theme:


The abstract guidelines (as well as the Call for Papers sent out
earlier) have been posted at www.rice.edu/csdl

The deadline for receipt of abstracts (via email) is May 10, 2002.

Please forward this notice to colleagues and graduate students who
might be interested.

Suzanne Kemmer and Michel Achard, organizers

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Tue, 9 Apr 2002 14:47:56 +0200
From:  "M.J. Schreuder" <M.J.Schreuder at let.rug.nl>
Subject:  TABU-day 2002


TABU-day: one-day conference on general linguistics
June 28, 2002
University of Groningen, The Netherlands

We are pleased to announce that the yearly congress TABU-day will be
held on june 28, 2002. TABU-day is an annual one-day conference on
general linguistics, organised by the University of Groningen. All
aspects of linguistics will be covered. The conference languages are
Dutch and English. TABU-day 2002 will be held at the following

Harmonie Building,
Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26,
Groningen, The Netherlands

Two keynote speakers will speak on the TABU-day, one of which is Brian
Joseph, professor of linguistics at the Ohio-State University and
editor of the journal Language. He will talk about his work in the
area of historical linguistics. The general topic will be whether
analogical change can be viewed as "grammar optimization", as has been
suggested by Kiparsky 2000 (and some others), working within an
Optimality Theory model. He will draw on a number of developments from
the history of Greek and from present-day American English to suggest
that any degree of "optimization" must be strictly local in nature and
not as wide-ranging as the notion of "grammar optimization" would
suggest.  Information on the second keynote speaker will be posted in
the next circular.

We invite linguists to submit an abstract, which should not exceed 400
words and can be in either Dutch or English. An abstract should
contain the title of the paper, the author's name, address,
affiliation, e-mail address, and phone number, the abstract text, and
any requirements for special equipment. Authors should submit
abstracts via e-mail in Word or PDF format, to the following address:
tabu at let.rug.nl. If e-mail submission is not possible, please contact
the organisers. We also request participants who will not present a
paper to register via the e-mail address.

The presentations are 20 minutes in length, followed by 5 minutes of
discussion. The abstract deadline is May 24, 2002. In principle,
TABU-day accepts all submissions.

Information will be posted on our Web site as it becomes available.  A
second e-mail circular containing more information on the conference
will be sent out in June 2002 to all members of CLCG, COLIBRI, LOT and
Neder-List. If you are not a member of one of these but would like to
receive the second e-mail, please let us know.

The organisers,

Markus Bergmann, Maartje Schreuder, John Nerbonne and
Angeliek van Hout

Faculty of Letteren
University of Groningen
PO Box 716
NL-9700 AS Groningen
E-mail: tabu at let.rug.nl
Phone: + 31 50 363 59 20 (Maartje Schreuder)
Web site: www.let.rug.nl/events/tabu/2002

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