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Subject: 13.1084, Jobs: TESOL: Lecturer/AssocProf, Australia

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Date:  19 Apr 2002 01:04:57 -0000
From:  Dr Beverly Derewianka <bevder at uow.edu.au>
Subject:  TESOL (CALL/ICT): Lecturer/AssocProf, U/Wollongong, Australia

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  19 Apr 2002 01:04:57 -0000
From:  Dr Beverly Derewianka <bevder at uow.edu.au>
Subject:  TESOL (CALL/ICT): Lecturer/AssocProf, U/Wollongong, Australia

Rank of Job: Senior Lecturer/ Associate Professor
Areas Required: TESOL (CALL/ICT)
Other Desired Areas:
University or Organization: University of Wollongong
Department: Education
State or Province: New South Wales
Country: Australia
Final Date of Application: 10th May 2002
Contact: Dr Beverly Derewianka bevder at uow.edu.au

Address for Applications:
Northfields Avenue
NSW 2522

This is a new position for someone with expertise in the areas of
TESOL and ICT and an enthusiasm to take initiatives in establishing
this as a strength within the Faculty. The applicant should have a
national or international reputation in the field; extensive research
background in TESOL and ICT, with evidence of ability to attract
research grants and administer projects; successful supervision of
postgraduate research students; evidence of successful teaching at
tertiary level; well developed oral and written communication skills
and ability to work as a team member; ability to teach in other areas
of TESOL program (eg methodology, second/foreign language development,
second language literacy, assessment in TESOL); and a willingness to
participate in both on-campus and distance education TESOL programs.

Reference 20-382M

For application guidelines, go to http://www.uow.edu.au/vacancies/i

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