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Subject: 13.1104, Support: Psycholing/Mental Lexicon:Graduate work, Canada

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Date:  Fri, 19 Apr 2002 18:11:07 -0600
From:  Gary Libben <gary.libben at ualberta.ca>
Subject:  Psycholing: Graduate Trainee Opportunities, The Mental Lexicon, Canada

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Date:  Fri, 19 Apr 2002 18:11:07 -0600
From:  Gary Libben <gary.libben at ualberta.ca>
Subject:  Psycholing: Graduate Trainee Opportunities, The Mental Lexicon, Canada

Graduate Trainee Positions for Research on the Mental Lexicon

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada has
awarded a Major Collaborative Research Initiatives grant to a team of
researchers at the University of Alberta, the University of Montreal,
McGill University, and the University of Windsor for a project
entitled, "Words in the Mind, Words in the Brain".

This five-year multi-disciplinary project brings together an
international team of 40 linguists, psychologists, and neurolinguists
to investigate the representation and processing of words in the mind
and brain.

The award also provides full research stipends and travel support for
master's and doctoral students at each of the four Canadian
institutions indicated. Interested applicants should have a background
in one or more of the following fields: linguistics, psychology,
communication sciences and disorders, rehabilitation science, or
computing science.

On the basis of their background and interests, students will be
encouraged to apply to the appropriate departments at one of the four
universities involved, but the integrated nature of the project will
provide students with the opportunity to complement studies in their
home department with specialized training at one or more of the other
collaborating institutions.

To be considered for positions commencing in either September, 2002,
or in January, 2003, please send a short e-mail message to the Mental
Lexicon Research Group c/o gary.libben at ualberta.ca. Please structure
your message in the following manner:

(1) Use the subject header "Graduate Trainee Opportunity"
(2) Write a short paragraph describing your educational background,
interests, and previous experience;
(3) List the degrees you have already obtained;
(4) Indicate the level of the graduate program you wish to apply for
(MA or PhD);
(5) Provide e-mail addresses for two references  whom we may contact;
(6) Provide a phone number at which we may contact you;
(7) Indicate the program of your choice from the following list:

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Departments: Linguistics, Psychology
    E-mail contact: gary.libben at ualberta.ca

University of Montreal, Montreal, QC
Departments: Linguistics, Biomedical Sciences
E-mail contact: jarema at ling.umontreal.ca

McGill University, Montreal, QC
Departments: Physical and Occupational Therapy, Linguistics,
Communication Sciences and Disorders
E-mail contact: ekehay at po-box.mcgill.ca

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
Department: Psychology
E-mail contact: buchanan at uwindsor.ca

Gary Libben
Professor and Chair
Department of Linguistics,
University of Alberta T6G 2E7
tel: (780) 492-5174
fax: (780) 492-0806

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