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Subject: 13.1185, Support: Computational Ling: U/Memphis TN USA

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Date:  Fri, 26 Apr 2002 01:52:03 -0500
From:  "Max Louwerse" <mlouwers at memphis.edu>
Subject:  Support: Computational Ling: Inst./Intelligent System, U/Memphis TN USA

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Date:  Fri, 26 Apr 2002 01:52:03 -0500
From:  "Max Louwerse" <mlouwers at memphis.edu>
Subject:  Support: Computational Ling: Inst./Intelligent System, U/Memphis TN USA

The Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis has
three competitive graduate student positions. These are at the masters
level, with possibilities of entering a doctoral program next year,
depending on the application process of the home department (e.g.,
psychology, computer science, education, engineering).

We hire bright, motivated and enthusiastic interdisciplinary minds!

The Institute feels strongly about educating bright, motivated and
enthusiastic students and giving them the opportunity to take the
responsibilities involved in academic research.

What we are looking for:
* One project coordinator
* Two Research assistants

The project coordinators should ideally
- have knowledge of experimental psychology
- have experience or show willingness to learn how to conduct
psycholinguistic research (particularly eye tracking research)
- have strong organizational skills

The two research assistants should ideally have at least two of the
- experience in and knowledge of computational linguistics
- knowledge of physics
- strong analytical skills

What we offer:
* A tuition waiver for full-time students in any department of the
University of Memphis.
* A minimum salary of $1000 a month (for position of 20 hrs/week)
* The opportunities to present at international conferences
* The opportunities to publish in academic journals

Send your application now if you
* have a strong interdisciplinary background in at least two of the
following areas: psychology, computer science, education, physics,
linguistics, cognitive science, AI, mathematics
* are interested in cutting edge interdisciplinary research
* are motivated, enthusiastic and responsible
* have finished an undergraduate degree
* are fluent in English

You will be working with a team of interdisciplinary faculty and
students. The Principal Investigator on the projects is Art Graesser.
The projects include the Intelligent Tutoring System AutoTutor
(http://www.psyc.memphis.edu/AutoTutor.html), the Question Understanding
Aid (http://www.psyc.memphis.edu/QUAID.html) and various eye tracking

In these interdisciplinary projects you will have the opportunity to
work closely together with various faculty members, like Max Garzon
(Computer Science), Xiangen Hu (Psychology), Robert Kozma (Computer
Science), Don Franceschetti (Physics) and Danielle McNamara

For more information on
* The University of Memphis, see http://www.memphis.edu/psych.htm
* Department of Psychology, see http://www.psyc.memphis.edu/psych.htm
* Institute for Intelligent Systems, see
* Applications in the Department of Psychology, see
* Tutoring Research Group, see
* Art Graesser, see http://mnemosyne.csl.psyc.memphis.edu/home/graesser/

Applications for graduate student positions can be sent to

Graduate Student IIS Search Committee
Max Louwerse
The University of Memphis
Department of Psychology
Psychology Building
Memphis TN 38152

*** Deadline for applications is May 17th, 2002. ***

Please be sure to include in your application a cover letter
indicating for which positions (or skills, depending on my comment
above) you wish to apply and why you are the best candidate.  Also
include an outline of your academic/career plans for the next three
years.  Finally, enclose a resume, listing your contact information
and relevant experience.

For further information, please contact Kris Moreno
(kmoreno at memphis.edu) or alternatively Max Louwerse
(mlouwers at memphis.edu).

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