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Date:  Mon, 08 Jul 2002 05:29:24 +0000
From:  yadeh at yahoo.com
Subject:  Lang Description: Dehghani "A grammar of Iranian Azari in..."

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Date:  Mon, 08 Jul 2002 05:29:24 +0000
From:  yadeh at yahoo.com
Subject:  Lang Description: Dehghani "A grammar of Iranian Azari in..."

New Dissertation Abstract

Institution: La Trobe University
Program: Department of Linguistics
Dissertation Status: Completed
Degree Date: 1998

Author: Yavar Dehghani

Dissertation Title:
A grammar of Iranian Azari in comparison with Persian

Linguistic Field: Language Description

Dissertation Abstract:

This study intends to develop a grammar of Iranian Azari which is
spoken mainly in the north western parts of Iran: it consists of
phonology, morphology, and the syntax of simple and complex clauses.
Since Persian has a prominent influence on this language, the
phonology, morphology and syntax of borrowed words are also discussed
and when appropriate, the constructions in the language are compared
to that of Persian.

Chapter 1 contains a description of the situation of the language, the
language family, the speakers, informants, different dialects, and
previous works on the language.

Chapter 2 introduces the phonological system of Azari, which includes
the discussion of the phonemic inventory, phonological processes,
including vowel harmony with an attempt to explain it based on
autosegmental theory.

Chapter 3 deals with the morphology of the language, trying to
distinguish the derivational and inflectional suffixes, and discussing
the underlying forms of inflectional suffixes.  In this chapter,
compounding and reduplication are also discussed.

Chapter 4 discusses the syntax of simple clauses including the case
system, constituent order, imperatives, copular, interrogative, and
passive constructions.  In this chapter, the distinction between
complements and adjuncts is explored.  At the end of this chapter,
morphosyntactic borrowings from Persian are discussed.

Chapter 5 illustrates the syntax of complex clauses including
causative constructions, complement clauses, relative clauses and
adverbial clauses.

Azari minimal pairs and texts are provided in the Appendix.

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