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Subject: 14.1018, All: Spotlight Dina Kapetangianni

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Date:  5 Apr 2003 22:04:00 -0000
From:  linguist at linguistlist.org
Subject:  How Your Donations Help LINGUIST - Spotlight Dina Kapetangianni

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Date:  5 Apr 2003 22:04:00 -0000
From:  linguist at linguistlist.org
Subject:  How Your Donations Help LINGUIST - Spotlight Dina Kapetangianni


So far have raised an amazing $33,650.52, which means we only have
$16,349.48 to go until we reach our target. You might not think that a
figure in excess of $16,000 should be associated with the word only,
but it does seem a lot smaller than when a few weeks ago we were
saying we still needed $30,000...

The $33,650.52 that we have raised already is due to the generosity of
710 donors. If you are one of these, we thank you so much! But this
figure is a small percentage of our 17,000+ subscribers worldwide
(only 4.18%). Just imagine, if every one of our subscribers gave just
$5 each, that would total $85,000 - $35,000 more than we need this
year to survive!

If you haven't yet done so, please make a donation. Just $5 would make
a world of difference to us here! Perhaps you heard about your job
through LINGUIST - isn't that worth $5? Maybe your small yet very
worthy graduate conference increased its visibility within the
linguistic community because it was announced on LINGUIST - surely
that is worth a small contribution? Maybe you found that vital
reference you had been chasing for so long through a LINGUIST search -
that has to be worth something?

Below is a personal letters from one of our graduate assistants here
on LINGUIST - Your $5 goes towards the support of students like Dina.

For instructions on how to donate, see the end
of this message or visit: http://linguistlist.org/donation.html



It seems like yesterday when I first joined the LINGUIST List and
became a member of its wonderful crew. Three years have passed already
and although I have completed my graduate course work and I should
have graduated, here I am still working for LINGUIST.

Throughout these years, LINGUIST has supported me at different stages
of my personal and academic life. First of all, by paying for my
education, LINGUIST gave the chance to discover the amazing field of
Linguistics, complete my Masters and work on various projects with
some of the best linguists in the world. At the same time, I had the
most wonderful experience learning about computers and improving my
skills in this field.  Finally, what can I say about the LINGUIST
crew? They are the best co-workers and friends I've ever had! Every
year that goes by, new students are joining the crew and the LINGUIST
family is growing very fast. It is amazing how successfully our crew
interacts and how well we are all getting along considering the fact
that we all come from different countries and some times from
different academic backgrounds. No matter how busy we are, trying to
work on our daily tasks, we always find the time to chat with each
other, joke, and laugh and throw the best potlucks one can ever

Overall, this last year was full of new projects and hard work, as
well as wonderful experiences and memories. On a personal level, this
year was a very successful one since I completed my course work and I
gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby daughter, Sofia. I thought
that motherhood will keep me away from the LINGUIST projects, tasks
and meetings, but very soon I realized the power of the saying: 'if
there is a will, there is a way'.  Nothing could stop me from
formatting web pages, fixing Cold Fusion forms or attending our
endless monthly meetings with Sofia on my lap! I guess they are both
part of my life and deserve equal attention and devotion. The truth is
I can not imagine that one day I will have to leave this job and live
away from this warm and lovely family that LINGUIST respresents for
all of us.

Dina Kapetangianni


To find out more about Dina, visit:



This year we hope to raise $50,000 to support the students who work on
LINGUIST List and keep the list running. Thank you from all the crew
for your support.

The LINGUIST List is under the umbrella of Eastern Michigan University
and as such can receive donations through the EMU Foundation, which is
a registered 501(c) Non Profit organization.  Our Federal Tax number
is 38-6005986.  These donations can be offset against your federal and
sometimes your state tax return (U.S. tax payers only).  For more
information visit the IRS Web-Site, or contact your financial advisor.

Many companies also offer a gift matching scheme, such that they will
match any gift you make to a non-profit organization.  Normally this
entails your contacting your human resources department and sending us
a form that the EMU Foundation fills in and returns to your employer.
This is generally a simple administrative procedure that doubles the
value of your gift to LINGUIST, without costing you an extra
penny. Please take a moment to check if your company operates such a


You can make a contribution by selecting one of three convenient
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Please make checks payable to 'The LINGUIST List Editorial Support
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For details on how to transfer funds by wire, please contact LINGUIST
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