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Subject: 14.1030, All: Important Message from Larry Chong-Please Read

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Date:  7 Apr 2003 13:31:01 -0000
From:  linguist at linguistlist.org
Subject:  Important Message from Larry Chong - Please Read

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Date:  7 Apr 2003 13:31:01 -0000
From:  linguist at linguistlist.org
Subject:  Important Message from Larry Chong - Please Read

Dear Fellow Linguists,

How are you doing these days?  This is Larry Chong, Chair of ASIA CALL
(The Asian Association of Computer Assisted Language Learning).  Last
year I was invited to write to you, to ask for your support during the
LINGUIST List Fund Drive. Thanks to your generous response, the
LINGUIST List was able to reach its goal and thereby continue to
provide its valuable services to the linguistics community. Thanks to
all who answered the call!

And now I would like to say a couple words as a conference
organizer. First of all, thanks to the LINGUIST List, we had a great
success on our ASIA CALL 2002 International Conference in Bangkok last
year. What about this year's?  Of course, as soon as we finished ASIA
CALL 2002, we happily planned to organize ASIA CALL 2003 linguists'
association.  Needless to say, we depend on the LINGUIST List as much
as possible. Why? To a small and humble regional linguists'
association, the LINGUIST List is the only way to get in touch with
colleagues around the world.  How wonderful the response was! We have
invited 5 keynote lecturers and got over 100 abstracts and potential
participants. We seemed to have another success this year, too; I was
a happy Chair for a few weeks. But then came the bad news. As those of
you who organize conferences know, sometimes it is necessary to
postpone or even cancel a planned event. Alas, due to circumstances
beyond our control, I find I must postpone my conference. And just as
I turned to LINGUIST when announcing my good news, I will turn to
LINGUIST announce this not-so-good news. Without the LINGUIST List, a
small but poor organization can't do anything else; our very existence
depends on the LINGUIST List's communication support. In fact, I'll
bet that 'LINGUIST List' is one of the first names that all of you, my
fellow conference organizers, think of when it comes time to spread
the news of your event.

But the LINGUIST List depends on our support, as well. The LINGUIST
List is my 'eye opener' every morning. But tomorrow what if we can't
open the site http://linguistlist.org? Nope! I would not like to
imagine that IN ANY CASE! Won't you add your name to the list of
donors and help ensure that LINGUIST List will continue to be there
for us?

Globally yours,

Larry Chong


		***      Fund Drive 2003     ***
		*** Target: $50000           ***
		*** Total So Far: $35550.02  ***
		*** Only $14449.98 to go!    ***

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