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Subject: 14.1186, Jobs: Theoretical Linguistics: Rank Open, Taiwan

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Date:  Fri, 25 Apr 2003 17:05:14 +0000
From:  billings at ncnu.edu.tw
Subject:  Theoretical Linguistics: Rank Open, National Chi Nan University

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Date:  Fri, 25 Apr 2003 17:05:14 +0000
From:  billings at ncnu.edu.tw
Subject:  Theoretical Linguistics: Rank Open, National Chi Nan University

University or Organization: National Chi Nan University
Department: Foreign Languages and Literature
Rank of Job: Rank Open
Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics, General Linguistics,
  Language Description, Linguistic Theories, Phonology, Semantics,
  Chinese Linguistics


Applicants should have a Ph.D. in hand by July of 2003; the contract
begins August 1st, with classes beginning in late September. More
senior applicants, with significant qualifications beyond the Ph.D.,
will be considered for a higher rank; they are particularly encouraged
to apply.  Applications will be received until one month after this
announcement is posted or the position is filled (whichever is later).

Full-time faculty are required to (a) conduct and publish scholarly
research, (b) supervise M.A. thesis research, (c) teach linguistics
courses at undergraduate/M.A. levels, and (d) teach undergraduate
courses such as English composition.

In addition to the disciplinary areas which we would especially like
to hire in (semantics, phonology, and computational linguistics), the
Department would be quite interested in linguists able to supervise
M.A. research on topics in Sinitic languages. (Suffice it to say,
because of the language-area preference in this announcement, ability
to function in spoken and written Chinese is highly desirable.)

For a list of required materials that must be sent in, please consult
the official announcement, posted in Chinese on the following URL:


(This web site also advertises open positions in literature.)

In addition to undergraduate and M.A. programs in English literature,
the Department offers an undergraduate concentration in linguistics
and an M.A.  program in theoretical linguistics. The current faculty
are specialized in syntax, semantics, morphology, phonology, and
language and mind.

Address for Applications:

	Attn: Dr. Chiu-yueh LAI
	Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
	1 University Road
	Puli, Nantou County 545
	Position is open until filled.

Contact Information:
	Dr. Mary Wu
	Email: mawu at ncnu.edu.tw
	Tel: +886-49-291-0960 ext. 2727
	Fax: +886-49-291-4440
	Website: http://www.ncnu.edu.tw

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