14.352, Sum: FinP References

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Subject: 14.352, Sum: FinP References

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Date:  Mon,  3 Feb 2003 21:25:47 -0500
From:  oborzdyk at uwo.ca
Subject:  FinP references

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Date:  Mon,  3 Feb 2003 21:25:47 -0500
From:  oborzdyk at uwo.ca
Subject:  FinP references

Dear all:

About a month ago I asked the Linguist List audience for references of
papers dealing with the topic of FinP (Linguist 14.35). I did not get
many responses, but I am grateful to those who did get back to me with
suggestions. Here below I share with you those suggestions, as I have

1. Asya Pereltsvaig. Topic and Focus as Linear Notions: Evidence from
Italian and Russian.  http://www.hum.uit.no/a/pereltsvaig/Lingua.pdf

2. Christer Platzack and Inger Rosengren (1998): On the subject of
imperatives: A minimalist account of the imperative clause, The
Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguisitics 1: 177-224. Kluwer
Academic Publishers.

3. Elly van Gelderen. The Force of ForceP in English.

4. Nigar Gulsat Aygen. Finiteness, Case and Clausal Architecture.


Oxana Borzdyko
Ph.D. student, UWO
oborzdyk at uwo.ca

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