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Subject: 14.540, Jobs: Modified: Syntax, PhD Research, The Netherlands

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Date:  23 Feb 2003 07:21:40 -0000
From:  leonie.cornips <leonie.cornips at meertens.knaw.nl>
Subject:  Modified Re: 14.529: Syntax: PhD Research, Meertens Institute

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  23 Feb 2003 07:21:40 -0000
From:  leonie.cornips <leonie.cornips at meertens.knaw.nl>
Subject:  Modified Re: 14.529: Syntax: PhD Research, Meertens Institute

University or Organization: Meertens Institute
Department: Language variation
Rank of Job: PhD Research Position
Specialty Areas: Sociolinguistics, Syntax, Language Contact,
                 Generative Syntax


The Meertens Institute in Amsterdam invites applications for one PhD
research position. The PhD research project will focus on linguistic
effects of the prolonged contact between youngsters of different
ethnic backgrounds in the large cities in The Netherlands.

Qualified individuals are invited to apply. A qualified candidate
should hold a Master's degree in an area of sociolinguistics and/or
syntax and have experience with fieldwork and statistical
analysis. Furthermore, candidates speaking Dutch and one of the
minority languages in The Netherlands such as Berber, Sranan,
Moroccan-Arabic, Turkish etc are preferred.

For this position, the following criteria apply:

a. The candidate should have a Master's degree in an Arts department
or a comparable degree that qualifies him of her for graduate
research. This degree should have been obtained no longer than five
years ago. The undergraduate diploma was preferably awarded a
qualification of excellence. The Master's thesis was awarded a high
grade (8 or more on a scale of 10).

b. The candidate should have an outspoken interest in and proven
qualifications for doing research and fieldwork. This should be
evident from the Master's thesis as well as from the course load taken
during the BA/MA training period.

c. The candidate should be able to finish the research project
(incl. PhD thesis) within a period of maximally four years.

The candidate offers the following dossier to the Meertens Institute:
* A letter of application;
* A curriculum vitae. This should minimally contain information on the
  undergraduate training of the candidate and on the available
  experience with fieldwork and statistical data-analysis.

Succesfull applicants will receive a salary amounting to 1.503,= per
month during the first year to 2.145,= per month during the fourth
year of appointment.

Address for Applications:

        Attn: Mr Jan Landstra
        Joan Muyskenweg 25
        PO Box 94264
        Amsterdam, 1090 GG

        Applications are due by 01-Apr-2003

Contact Information:
        Dr Leonie Cornips
        Email: leonie.cornips at meertens.knaw.nl
        Tel: +31204628529
        Fax: +31204628555

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