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Subject: 14.592, Jobs: English:Teacher, Yeonsei Language School, Korea

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Date:  Thu, 27 Feb 2003 08:19:13 +0000
From:  alexyls at yahoo.co.kr
Subject:  English: Teacher, Yeonsei Language School, Republic of Korea

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Thu, 27 Feb 2003 08:19:13 +0000
From:  alexyls at yahoo.co.kr
Subject:  English: Teacher, Yeonsei Language School, Republic of Korea

University or Organization: Yeonsei Language School
Rank of Job: Teacher
Specialty Areas: Language Description
Required Language(s): English (Code = ENG)


The Yeonsei Language School in Gu-Mi city, Korea, is looking for a new
English teacher. The school located in Gu-Mi city which is a very
clean and wealthy city in kyung-buk province.  (Gu-Mi is a half an
hour from Dea-Gu city, two and half hours from Seoul by train)

A few positions will be available for the end of March and the end of
April.  Yeonsei Languaage School is the biggest language school in
Gu-Mi city and already has 12 native english teachers.

Please check the website for more details:


If you are interested in the institute, for information on
application, please contact the following person:

Ms. Alex Park
+ 82-16-466-6854 (016-466-6854)
alexyls at yahoo.co.kr or alex at cqi4u.com

Our Working Conditions

* Starting : end of March and end of April 2003.
* Age of the students : from 12 yrs. to adult.
* Working hour: 30 hrs/ week. Monday to Friday only.
* Class size: 6~14 students
* Housing: furnished single apartment (very new and clean. please
  click above our website you can see our apartment)
* Salary: 1,800,000~2,000,00 Korean Won
* Insurance: 50% of health insurance paid by the employer.
* Air ticket : free Round trip ticket
* VISA : 1 year E-2 working VISA, arranged by the employer.
* Severance pay :Equal to 1 month salary of bonus upon completion of
  the contract.
* Vacation: one week paid vacation

Qualifications : Bachelors degree or teaching qualification for non-degree.

Address for Applications:

	Attn: teacher Alex Park
	sung-jung dong
	Korea, Republic of

	Applications are due by 31-Mar-2003

Contact Information:
	Ms. Alex Park.
	Email: alex at cqi4u.com
	Tel: 0164666854
	Website: http://www.yls.co.kr/empolyment/empolyment.asp

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