14.626, Calls: Learning Word Meaning/French Lang Studies

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Subject: 14.626, Calls: Learning Word Meaning/French Lang Studies

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Date:  Mon, 3 Mar 2003 14:31:49 EST
From:  Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  Learning Word Meaning from Non-Linguistic Data

Date:  4 Mar 2003 16:03:43 -0000
From:  "Florence Myles" <F.J.Myles at soton.ac.uk>
Subject:  Association for French Language Studies

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 3 Mar 2003 14:31:49 EST
From:  Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  Learning Word Meaning from Non-Linguistic Data

                   Call for Papers (Extended Deadline)

                        HLT-NAACL03 Workshop on

              Learning Word Meaning from Non-Linguistic Data

                             31 May 2003
                          Edmonton, Canada

           Home page: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/~regina/lwm03/

** Submission deadline extended to 17 March 2003
** Submissions can be short papers (4 pages) as well as full papers (8

HLT-NAACL03 Home page:

Endorsed by:
 SIGSEM, the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Semantics
 SIGGEN, the ACL Special Interest Group in Generation
 SIGLEX, the ACL Special Interest Group on the Lexicon

One of the grand challenges of NLP, AI, and Cognitive Science is to
develop models of what words mean (lexical semantics) in terms of the
non-linguistic world. Recently there has been growing interest in
using corpus and data based techniques for this task.  In other words,
trying to learn what words mean by analysing a `parallel corpus' of
(A) non-linguistic data and (B) linguistic texts that describe or
otherwise are based on the non-linguistic data.  Recent examples of
such work include learning verb semantics from visual-image sequences;
learning the meaning of time phrases from a collection of weather
forecasts based on numerical weather simulations; and learning the
meaning of mathematical predicates from human verbalisations of
theorem-prover output.

We invite people interested in this topic to submit papers to the
workshop.  Possible topics include (but are not limited to)
* Example analyses of word meanings based on non-linguistic data.
* Discussion of relevant algorithms and techniques, for example for
  aligning texts with non-linguistic data.
* Applications that exploit lexical semantic models learned from
  non-linguistic data.
* Resources, such as parallel text-data corpora, that can be used by other
  researchers interested in this area.
As this is a workshop, we welcome papers that present work in progress
as well as papers that present completed work.

Papers that focus on learning semantic information from conventional
text-only corpora are less appropriate for this workshop, and should
be submitted elsewhere.

We hope that this workshop will help "gel" this new and exciting
research area, by bringing together interested people who may not be
aware of what is being done elsewhere.  Participants from other area
of AI and Cognitive Science are very welcome, including vision and
robotics researchers who are interested in learning how to relate
sensor data to words, and psychologists who are interested in
cognitive models of how people learn to relate words to the
non-linguistic world.


We welcome both short papers (up to 4 pages) and full papers (up to 8

Papers should be formatted according to the HLT-NAACL guidelines
Do not anonymise submissions, since reviewing for the workshop will
not be blind.  Authors are strongly encouraged to use the style files
accessible through the above web page.

Send your submission to Ehud Reiter (ereiter at csd.abdn.ac.uk).  Please
indicate whether your submission is a short paper or a full paper.


Paper submissions:             17 March 2003
Notification of acceptance:    1  April 2003
Camera-ready copies due:       8  April 2003
Registration deadline:         as HLT-NAACL03
Workshop date:                 31 May 2003


Regina Barzilay, Cornell University
Ehud Reiter, University of Aberdeen
Jeffrey Mark Siskind, Purdue University


Kobus Barnard, University of Arizona
Paul Cohen, UMass Amherst
Peter Dominey, CNRS
Phil Edmonds, Sharp Laboratories of Europe
Allen Gorin, AT&T Research Labs
Graeme Hirst, University of Toronto
Lillian Lee, Cornell University
Tim Oates, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Terry Regier, University of Chicago
Deb Roy, MIT Media Lab


For more information, please see the workshop web page at
or contact Ehud Reiter at ereiter at csd.abdn.ac.uk.

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  4 Mar 2003 16:03:43 -0000
From:  "Florence Myles" <F.J.Myles at soton.ac.uk>
Subject:  Association for French Language Studies

Please find below the Call for Papers for the AFLS (Association for
French Language Studies) Conference 2003, to be held in Tours, 25-27
Sept 03, for circulation on the list.
Colloque 2003
en collaboration avec l'Université de Tours
et l'équipe de recherche "Langues & Représentation"
Thème : Le français aujourd'hui :
Problèmes et méthodes
Université de Tours, France
25 - 27 septembre 2003
Appel à communications
A l'occasion de son colloque annuel, l'Association for French Language
Studies sollicite des propositions de communications dans les domaines
de recherche suivants :
  a.. L'analyse du discours oral et écrit ;
  b.. La structure du lexique ;
  c.. La traduction ;
  d.. L'enseignement du français et les technologies de l'information ;
  e.. Le FLE.
Conférences plénières :
Sophie Moirand (Université Paris III)
Michel Paillard (Université de Poitiers)
Henri Portine (Université Bordeaux III)
Henriette Walter (Université de Haute-Bretagne ; membre du Conseil
supérieur de la langue française)
En plus de ces domaines, les thèmes de recherche abordés
traditionnellement par les membres de l'AFLS seront aussi à l'ordre du
jour : linguistique théorique et descriptive ; sociolinguistique ;
acquisition du français langue seconde ; linguistique appliquée et
pédagogie du français. Comme par le passé, le programme visera un
équilibre entre les aspects théoriques et les aspects appliqués de la
recherche sur la langue française.
Que vous soyez membre de l'AFLS ou non, pour proposer une
communication, envoyez un résumé d'environ 200 mots, en français ou en
anglais, avant le 30 avril 2003 (de préférence par courrier
électronique, dans le corps du courriel) à :
Nathalie Rossi-Gensane
rossi at univ-tours.fr
Département de Linguistique
Université de Tours
3, rue des Tanneurs
37041 Tours cedex 01
De plus amples renseignements seront disponibles prochainement dans
les Cahiers AFLS et sur le site AFLS : http://www.unl.ac.uk/sals/afls/
Merci de faire parvenir cette annonce à d'autres collègues
susceptibles d'etre intéressés.
Dr Florence Myles
AFLS Secretary
School of Modern Languages
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ
tel: (0)23 80592269
fax: (0)23 80593288
e-mail: fjm at soton.ac.uk

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