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Subject: 14.929, Calls: Phonetics, France/General Linguistics

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Date:  Fri, 28 Mar 2003 05:37:55 +0000
From:  saillard at linguist.jussieu.fr
Subject:  Intonation, Notation and Transcription for Oral Communication

Date:  Fri, 28 Mar 2003 08:00:01 +0000
From:  jouni.rostila at uta.fi
Subject:  SKY Journal of Linguistics

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Fri, 28 Mar 2003 05:37:55 +0000
From:  saillard at linguist.jussieu.fr
Subject:  Intonation, Notation and Transcription for Oral Communication

Intonation, Notation and Transcription for Oral Communication 01:
Short Title: INTO 01

Date: 22-May-2003 - 24-May-2003
Location: Université de Rouen, Rouen, France
Contact: Nicolas Ballier
Contact Email: nicolas.ballier at univ-rouen.fr
Meeting URL: http://www.into01.org

Linguistic Sub-field: Phonetics
Call Deadline: 15-Apr-2003

Meeting Description:

This conference is intended to be a place for exchanges and informal
forum for linguists debating the analysis of (spontaneous) speech
using software.

The first step (into 01, May 2003) focuses on software, from fieldwork
to automatic information retrieval of spoken data. The second step
(into02, May 2005) will address the issue of conventions and notation
systems to be used and the setting up of databases. In particular, how
interoperability of different databases can be achieved, or how
complex queries could be submitted to multi-tiered corpora (comprising
tunes, markers, transcriptions, syntactic structures, uptakes, kinetic
notations and so on).


We invite papers on speech software, focusing specifically on
intonation software.
Papers may bear on the following topics:
- the use of software for fieldwork and less documented areas
(conversation analysis, ergonomy, etc.)
- technical choices (parameters, signal processing)
- exporting data (pictures, printing files, compatibility of different
files from different pieces of software)
- the discrepancy between measures and expected values
- possible gaps between psychological perception, aural perception and
software data
- artefacts, errors, their detection and the correction methods
- methodology (circumscribing units, choosing the relevant values and
smoothing curves)
- visualising speech and interpreting data. To what extent can
intonation be said to be patterned (levels vs contours) by the visual
representation of speech? How might software representations challenge
some of the well-established theoretical tools for description
(contours, levels, standard patterns).
- built-in theoretical interfaces (eg PRAAT and OT tableaus)
- diverging data from different software (checking and double-checking
- How software is used to confirm values for phonetic transcriptions

Preference will be given to papers tackling some of these issues
centring on the use of software, its interpretation (rather than just
''traditional'' prosodic analyses).

The main aims of the conference are to
- be better acquainted with certain types of software and their
potentially complementary functionalities
- understand the software limits and assess the linguist's decisions
- measure the consequences for language learning
- exploit the visualisation of speech
- promote the use of software
- exchange tips for research and the handling of data

A part of the conference will consist of workshops in computer rooms
promoting hands-on experience involving the confrontation of people
from different backgrounds ranging from newbies to power users with
different software packages.

The official languages of the conference are French and English but
analyses may bear on other languages.

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE : Nicolas Ballier (Rouen), Georges Boulakia
(Paris 7), Laurent Danon-Boileau (Paris V), David Gac (Rouen),
Elisabeth Guimbretière (Paris 7), Jose-Vicente Lozano (Rouen)

ORGANISING COMMITTEE: Nicolas Ballier (Rouen), Catherine
Filippi-Deswelle (Rouen), Iryna Lehka (Rouen)

The conference is organised by the Equipe de Recherche sur les aires
culturelles (ERAC, EA) and CETAS (Centre d'Etudes Transdisciplinaires

So as to organise the workshops, please send an email stating your
working language and your experience (if any) with intonation software
to Catherine Filippi-Deswelle <deswelle.filippi at wanadoo.fr>.

Further details on abstract submission and organisation are available
at the conference website http://www.into01.org

Deadline for abstracts : April 15, 2003

contact: Nicolas Ballier <nicolas.ballier at univ-rouen.fr>
registrations: Catherine Filippi-Deswelle
<deswelle.filippi at wanadoo.fr>

conference fees
30 euros
early bird registration: (before April 2nd) 20 euros
registrations are to be sent to Catherine Filippi-Deswelle
<deswelle.filippi at wanadoo.fr>

Details of the conference (including basic information on travel and
hotels) will be posted on the website.


Bulletin d'inscription / Registration Form

M. Catherine Filippi-Deswelle
Département d'anglais
Faculté des Lettres
rue Lavoisier

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Prénom / First name :

Adresse professionnelle / Work address :

Téléphone / Work Telephone:

Télécopie / Fax:

Courriel / email address :

Adresse personnelle / Home address:

Téléphone domicile / Home telephone :

    Je souhaite présenter au colloque une communication ayant pour
titre :
    I wish to give a paper with the following title :

    Je souhaite seulement assister au colloque
    I wish to attend the conference but not give a paper.

Je souhaite plutôt travailler sur PRAAT / WASP / Winpitch / Winsnoori
I wish to work on PRAAT / WASP / winpitch / winsnoori

Les frais d'inscription d'un montant de 20 euros (30 euros après le 02
avril) doivent être réglés par chèque bancaire à l'ordre de M. l'Agent
Comptable de l'Université de Rouen (colloque INTO 01)

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Date:  Fri, 28 Mar 2003 08:00:01 +0000
From:  jouni.rostila at uta.fi
Subject:  SKY Journal of Linguistics

Call Deadline: 31-May-2003

SKY Journal of Linguistics, the annual publication of the Linguistic
Association of Finland, calls for contributions on any linguistic
topic and within any theoretical framework. In addition to full-length
articles, short squibs of up to five pages, book reviews and
conference reports are welcomed. The languages of publication are
English, French, and German. All articles are reviewed by two
anonymous referees.

The deadline for initial submission for the 2003 issue of the journal
is May 31, 2003. For more information, visit our web pages at


or contact one of the editors:

Seppo Kittilä
Dept. of Linguistics
Hämeenkatu 2 A 8
FIN-20014 University of Turku
e-mail: seppo.kittila at utu.fi

Jouni Rostila
German Language and Culture
FIN-33014 University of Tampere
e-mail: jouni.rostila at uta.fi

Ulla Tuomarla
Dept. of French
P.O. Box 24
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
e-mail: tuomarla at mappi.helsinki.fi

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