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Subject: 15.3344, Jobs: Yokuts/Lang Description: Descriptive Linguist, CA                                                                                                                                                       

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Date: 29-Nov-2004
From: Lindsay Jones < ljones at ovcdc.com >
Subject: Yokuts/Language Description: Practical Descriptive Linguist, Owens Valley Career Development Center, CA, USA 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 22:42:03
From: Lindsay Jones < ljones at ovcdc.com >
Subject: Yokuts/Language Description: Practical Descriptive Linguist, Owens Valley Career Development Center, CA, USA 

University or Organization: Owens Valley Career Development Center 
Department: Nüümü Yadoha Language Program
Job Rank: Practical Descriptive Linguist  
Specialty Areas: Language Description; Yokuts Languages 


Program: Nüümü Yadoha Program
Contract Position: Practical Descriptive Linguist
Pay Range: $15-$20/hour, up to full time

The Nüümü Yadoha Program is dedicated to preserving the languages of the
communities it serves and to teaching them in a community setting.  Under
minimal supervision of the Nüümü Yadoha program director and in close
cooperation with the language team being served, the linguist will do academic
research, field elicitation, documentation, community instruction on language
structures, and practical linguistics as required by the language community.  We
are currently seeking a linguist for the Wukchumni and Yowlumni (Yokuts) languages.

Typical Duties:
- Establish productive working relationships with elders, fluent speakers, and
   other language team and community team members.
- Work with language community to devise and train community on a consistent,   
   phonologically appropriate writing system.
- Gather and review existing relevant linguistic materials and make them       
   accessible to the language community through training, creation of new   
   materials, and consultation.
- Elicit linguistic data from speakers for the creation of dictionaries,       
   descriptive/pedagogical grammars, and language lessons as required by the    
   language community.
- Train or recommend training for interested community members in linguistic   
   analysis and encourage maximum community ownership of  language   
   revitalization work.

Typical Qualifications:
- Adapt understanding of linguistic theory and field practice to fit the
   specific needs of the language community.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills; excellent analytical,   
   organizational, and interpersonal skills; demonstrated computer skills;
   ability to work as a team member.
- Ability to travel to and work at locations most practical for the language  
   community (Wukchumni and Yowlumni speakers and learners are concentrated    
   between Visalia and Porterville, CA).
- Ability to pass an in-depth background check, including Motor Vehicle Record,    
   Criminal Background check, work experience verification, and educational  
   background check.
- Understanding that community-based linguistic work is for the benefit of the  
   language community, and all language information is the intellectual
   property of the language community.  Work done for academic purposes will
   need to be negotiated with the community

Education and Experience:
- Applicants must have at least a BA in linguistics.  An MA or PhD is preferred.
- Previous field experience is preferred.  Previous experience with endangered  
   and/or North American indigenous languages is preferred.
- Knowledge of Indian communities and sensitivity to Indian context required.    
   Preference will be given to Indian applicants.

Please contact Laura Grant, Angie Aukee, or Lindsay Jones at the 
Nüümü Yadoha Program, language at ovcdc.com, (760) 872-3604, for more 
information or to receive an application.

Address for Applications:

	Program Director Laura Grant 
	50 N. Paha Ln. 
	Bishop, CA 93514 
	United States of America  

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled 

Contact Information:

	Program Director Laura Grant 
	Email: language at ovcdc.com 
	Phone: (760) 872-3604 
	Fax: (760) 873-7665 
	Website: http://www.ovcdc.com

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