17.1192, Confs: Writing Systems/Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

Thu Apr 20 22:28:53 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.1192, Confs: Writing Systems/Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

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Date: 18-Apr-2006
From: Anneke Neijt < a.neijt at let.ru.nl >
Subject: Constraints on Spelling Changes (5th International Workshop on Writing Systems) 

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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 18:26:13
From: Anneke Neijt < a.neijt at let.ru.nl >
Subject: Constraints on Spelling Changes (5th International Workshop on Writing Systems) 

Constraints on Spelling Changes (5th International Workshop on Writing Systems) 

Date: 05-Oct-2006 - 06-Oct-2006 
Location: Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands 
Contact: Anneke Neijt 
Contact Email: a.neijt at let.ru.nl 
Meeting URL: http://www.ru.nl/WrittenLanguage 

Linguistic Field(s): Writing Systems 

Meeting Description: 

This lustrum workshop offers a forum of discussion between researchers from different fields of writing research (theoretical linguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics or language education), from different countries and working on different languages. 

Constraints on Spelling Changes 
Fifth International Workshop on Writing Systems 
Center for Language Studies, Interfaculty Research Unit for Language and Speech, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, October 5 - October 6, 2006. 

The aim of this series of workshops is to focus on all aspects of scientific research of written language. In particular, we welcome: 

- Psycholinguistic research on the influence of deep or more surface orthographies on pronunciation and morphological awareness, on learning to read and spell, and on dysfunctions in reading and spelling. 

- Research evaluating alternative spelling methods, within one language, or across languages, taking not only the perspective of the writer, but also addressing the question how (different) writing systems take the reader's perspective into account when representing the sounds of a language. 

- Computational models that shed light on the relation between sounds on the one hand, and letters, diacritics and punctuation on the other hand. 

The topic of the present workshop, constraints on spelling changes, is inspired by the ongoing spelling reforms for languages such as Dutch and German. It will address the (limited) possibilities of optimizing writing systems, such as learnability, and linguistic, psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, historical and practical constraints. We plan to publish a selection of papers of the workshop as an issue of the journal 'Written Language and Literacy'. 

Submission deadline: May 1, 2006 
Notice of acceptance: June 1, 2006 

FORMAT OF SUBMISSIONS: Authors should submit abstracts of max. 1 page for 30 minute presentations, with 15 minutes discussion. Please submit abstracts electronically (rtf, pdf or Word) to E.Segers at pwo.ru.nl. 

PARTICIPATION: Researchers who want to attend the workshop without presenting a paper are also invited. Such participants should register at the address above, iwtssecr at mpi.nl. Information on lodging and travel directions, the program and the abstracts of the accepted papers will be circulated electronically well before the workshop. 

FURTHER INFORMATION: www.ru.nl/WrittenLanguage

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