17.1207, Qs: Resultatives with 'Scare'-Reading

Fri Apr 21 17:44:01 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.1207, Qs: Resultatives with 'Scare'-Reading

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Date: 21-Apr-2006
From: Chao Li < chao.li at yale.edu >
Subject: Resultatives with 'Scare'-Reading 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 13:41:22
From: Chao Li < chao.li at yale.edu >
Subject: Resultatives with 'Scare'-Reading 

Dear all,

I am working on resultatives, and would like to know whether there are any
other languages that allow the "scare"-reading shown by the following two
examples of Mandarin resultative verb compounds. 

(1) Na-kuai  paigu     kan-dun-le      san-ba	 dao.
    that-CL  sparerib  cut-blunt-PERF  three-CL	 knife	
    'That sparerib got three knives blunt as a result of the  
    cutting (by some specific person).'	
(2) Na-bao   yifu     xi-lei-le  	Zhangsan.
    that-CL  clothes  wash-tired-PERF	Zhangsan
    '(Zhangsan washed that bundle of clothes) and the clothes
    caused Zhangsan to become tired.'

In both examples, the internal argument of the causing predicate of a
resultative is realized in subject position. The resulting reading is
analogous to that expressed by lexical causatives like "scare" (as in "The
tiger scared the child"). 

My question is: Are there other languages that have resultatives (whether
in compound form or not) and allow them to have the "scare"-reading?

I am looking forward to your response!


Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

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