17.1208, Prizes: Still Left!

Fri Apr 21 17:53:03 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.1208, Prizes: Still Left!

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Date: 21-Apr-2006
From:  linguist < linguist at linguistlist.org >
Subject: Solve Puzzles, Win Prizes 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 13:51:02
From:  linguist < linguist at linguistlist.org >
Subject: Solve Puzzles, Win Prizes 

Fund Drive is over...but the fun isn't over yet!

Take a break from writing and grading papers and refresh your mind with
some of the many puzzles and games still available on the LINGUIST 


There are still prizes available for the following puzzles, which will 
be open for just one more week (until May 1st):

Decipher the code to read the linguistics-related phrases:

     -3 prizes left for Cryptograms 1 and 2
     -4 prizes left for Cryptogram 3
This puzzle uses a Sudoku format, but it uses vowels from the IPA chart. 
There is one unique solution, and the ones who give it to us first will 
win fabulous prizes:

     -4 prizes left
*Lewis Carroll/Through the Looking Glass 
Lewis Carroll was a clever man: he was an author, mathematician, 
logician, and photographer. In addition to his literary output, Lewis 
Carroll created a vast range of games and puzzles that depend upon 
wordplay of various kinds. See if you can solve our Lewis Carroll 

     -1 prize left for solving numbers 1&2
     -1 prize left for solving numbers 3&4
     -1 prize left for solving numbers 5&6
     -2 prizes left for solving number 7
     -1 prize left for solving number 8 (the *only* prize for this 
        difficult puzzle)

To win this game, you must search through our Hometown Tours to find the
city that matches each clue. Happy hunting!


     -4 prizes left

We hope you enjoy these activities. Remember--prizes are available only
until May 1st, so get cracking!


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