17.3625, Jobs: Program Evaluation: Scientist, University of Maryland, CASL

Thu Dec 7 17:16:26 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.3625, Jobs: Program Evaluation: Scientist, University of Maryland, CASL

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Date: 06-Dec-2006
From: Patrice Thomas < pthomas at casl.umd.edu >
Subject: Program Evaluation: Assistant/Associate/Senior Research Scientist, University of Maryland, CASL, USA 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 12:11:03
From: Patrice Thomas < pthomas at casl.umd.edu >
Subject: Program Evaluation: Assistant/Associate/Senior Research Scientist, University of Maryland, CASL, USA 

University or Organization: University of Maryland, CASL 
Department: Center for Advanced Study of Language
Web Address: http://www.casl.umd.edu
Job Rank: Assistant/Associate/Senior Research Scientist  
Specialty Areas: Language Acquisition; Program Evaluation, SLA, Language Assessment


The University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language (CASL),
established in 2003, is the nation's 10th university-affiliated research
center.  Its mission is to conduct state-of-the-science research that
results in improved performance on language tasks relevant to the work of
government language professionals.  Work done at the center focuses on
improving knowledge of less commonly taught languages, enhancing the
acquisition and maintenance of foreign language capability by government
professionals (especially at the advanced levels), advancing the capacity
to use foreign language skills in a wide variety of government professions
and situations and improving the quality of human language technology.

CASL seeks to hire one (1) Program Evaluation Researcher to join the Second
Language Acquisition and Testing Research Area.  CASL wishes to make a
full-time appointment at any of the ranks of Assistant, Associate, or
Senior Research Scientist.  As a trusted agent of the federal government,
CASL may be relied upon to conduct, oversee, or assist with language
training program evaluations.  In general, CASL is building its expertise
in program evaluation.  The research scientist who is hired will be
expected to lead research projects, interact with clients, and engage in
current and future program evaluations.

Appointments to CASL are as a research faculty members of the University of
Maryland, normally requiring an earned Ph.D.  Candidates at the higher
ranks should have a record of individual research achievement in an aspect
of SLA or Language Assessment, a strong record of publication and the
ability to establish an interdisciplinary research program across areas
related to the study of language acquisition and language performance. The
center is seeking people who will play a leading role in the strategic
direction of CASL and will be in charge of multiple research projects in
their field.  Candidates' research and publications should demonstrate the
ability to tackle complex, interdisciplinary research and to work
collaboratively with a range of institutions and researchers.  Exceptional
candidates with national standing may be considered for tenure-track
appointments on a limited, case-by-case basis, and subject to availability
of tenure lines in relevant departments.  

Candidates must hold U.S. citizenship and be willing to obtain a security
clearance.  For information on US Government security clearances, please
see http://www.opm.gov/extra/investigate/security-clearance.asp.

To Apply: 
Go to https://careers.casl.umd.edu/, click on "Employment Opportunities"
and follow directions for applying.  UM is an EOE/AA. Women and minorities
are encouraged to apply. For best consideration, apply by January 15, 2007. 

Questions about this position should be sent by e-mail to:
jobquestions at casl.umd.edu.
Application Deadline: 06-Apr-2007 

Contact Information:
	Patrice Thomas 
	Email: pthomas at casl.umd.edu 
Apply on-line at: https://careers.casl.umd.edu/

LINGUIST List: Vol-17-3625	


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