17.2018, FYI: SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics - On Line

Mon Jul 10 19:43:28 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.2018, FYI: SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics - On Line

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Date: 09-Jul-2006
From: Thomas Doukas < td3 at soas.ac.uk >
Subject: SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics - On Line 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 15:41:20
From: Thomas Doukas < td3 at soas.ac.uk >
Subject: SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics - On Line 

We are pleased to present the 14th Volume of SOAS Working Papers in
Linguistics on line:

This volume features research in progress of staff, research students and
research associates of the Department of Linguistics at SOAS. 
The quality and variety of papers in this volume reflects  not only the
work of the department, especially in the field of theoretical linguistics,
but also the diversity of linguistic research currently being carried out
at SOAS within the Faculty of Languages and Cultures. 

The papers included in this volume cover the following topics: Phonology
and Phonetics, Endangered Languages, Syntax, Language Acquisition,
Psycholinguistics and Semantics. 

Table of contents 
-Aïcha Belkadi
Language impairments in autism: evidence against mind-blindness  
-Katalin Balogné Bérces
What's wrong with vowel-initial syllables?
-Monik Charette
The end of the (Turkish) word
-Thomas Doukas
Now you hear it, now you don't; what happens with functional categories in
children's early speech?
-Malcolm Edwards
Pronouns, agreement and focus in Egyptian Arabic
-László Kristó
On synthesis, fusion and the difference between them
-Nancy C. Kula
Derived environment effects in GP
-Mary Raymond
Stress and syllabification in Arop-Lokep: an Optimality-Theoretic account
-Kirsty Rowan
A phonological investigation into the Meroitic 'syllable' signs - ne and se
and their implications on the e sign
-Kirsty Rowan
Meroitic - an Afroasiatic language?
-David Shariatmadari
Sounds difficult? Why phonological theory needs 'ease of articulation'
-Marina Tsakiridou 
The linguistic profile of Down's syndrome subjects : Evidence from
Wh-movement construction
-Yuko Z. Yoshida 
Accents in Tokyo and Kyoto Japanese Vowel Quality in terms of Duration and
Licensing Potency
-Emmon Bach 		
Paradigm Regained: Deixis in Northern Wakashan
-Konstantina Haidou
Discourse Functions without Peripheral Syntax 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
                     Language Acquisition

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