17.2103, Jobs: Cogn Science, Comp Ling, English: Post Doc, Northwestern U

Thu Jul 20 18:36:10 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.2103, Jobs: Cogn Science, Comp Ling, English: Post Doc, Northwestern U

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Date: 19-Jul-2006
From: Justine Cassell < justine at northwestern.edu >
Subject: Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics & English: Post Doc, Northwestern University, IL, USA 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 14:24:01
From: Justine Cassell < justine at northwestern.edu >
Subject: Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics & English: Post Doc, Northwestern University, IL, USA 

University or Organization: Northwestern University 
Department: Center for Technology and Social Behavior
Job Rank: Post Doc  
Specialty Areas: Cognitive Science; Computational Linguistics 
Required Language(s): English (eng)


The new Center for Technology and Social Behavior at Northwestern University,
under the direction of Professor Justine Cassell, has a one-year (renewable)
post-doctoral position, beginning this Fall (September, 2006).  The successful
candidate will come from one, or the intersection of several, of the fields of
Computational Linguistics (in particular natural language generation), Cognitive
Science, Computer Graphics, HCI, Artificial Intelligence, and Learning Science.
 The post-doc will be expected to work on some topic that falls within the domain of
research conducted by two of the faculty at the Center (Justine Cassell and new
faculty member Darren Gergle), as well as to help manage other existent research
projects in those faculty members' labs.  The center is brand new and will
involve faculty from across the university, including Computer Science (School
of Engineering), the interdisciplinary program in Media, Technology and Society
(School of Communication), Kellogg Business School, Music, Psychology,
Linguistics, etc., and the post-doctoral fellow will have the opportunity to
participate in all of the Center's activities.

Current research in Cassell's lab includes extensive work on the intersection
between grounding phenomena (as instantiated in both verbal and nonverbal
behaviors - eye gaze, body posture, as well as referential entrainment, etc) and
feelings of rapport between people, and how to implement technologies that take
these results into account.  Work is also being conducted on language-enabled
technologies for children with autism, and virtual peers to help children
acquire literacy skills.  As examples, previous post-docs have worked on a model
of content planning and knowledge representation for a multimodal
direction-giving Embodied Conversational Agent, and on the semantics of gesture
and an implementation of gesture generation using the SPUD natural language
generation engine.  Current research in Gergle's lab focuses on establishing a
theoretical understanding of grounding and awareness in collaborative computing
environments. This work includes developing computational models that can be
applied to remote training systems or online multiplayer games. A second area of
research involves understanding how ubiquitous computing environments influence
small group interactions. The recent proliferation of mobile devices and
computational artifacts provides a fertile environment for exploring the
intersection of computing systems and group behavior.  

Research in the center involves theory development, behavioral studies, and
technology design, meaning that all researchers are expected to (1) study
human-human behavior, (2) implement systems, (3) study human-computer
interaction, (4) write.  To this end, prior experience with conducting empirical
research is strongly desired, while strong computational skills
(C/C++/Java/Perl) are required.  Machine learning experience is a plus. Salary
commensurate with experience.

To apply, please send a CV and the names of 3 referees to Justine Cassell
justine at northwestern.edu. For more information about the research of both
faculty members, see http://www.soc.northwestern.edu/justine/  and
Application Deadline:  (Open until filled)

Contact Information:
	Justine Cassell 
	Email: justine at northwestern.edu 

Apply on-line at: http://articulab.northwestern.edu/participate/postdoc

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