18.41, TOC: Anthropological Linguistics 48/2 (2006)

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Subject: 18.41, TOC: Anthropological Linguistics 48/2 (2006)

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Date: 02-Jan-2007
From: John Erickson < anthling at indiana.edu >
Subject: Anthropological Linguistics Vol 48, No 2 (2006) 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 17:03:08
From: John Erickson < anthling at indiana.edu >
Subject: Anthropological Linguistics Vol 48, No 2 (2006) 

Publisher:	Anthropological Linguistics
Journal Title:  Anthropological Linguistics 
Volume Number:  48 
Issue Number:  2 
Issue Date:  2006 

Main Text:  

Language Maintenance in the Meseta Purépecha Region of Michoacán, Mexico, Agnes
Ragone and Paul Marr

Émérillon Stress: A Phonetic and Phonological Study, Matthew Gordon and
Francoise Rose

Gender Switch in Female Speech of an Urbanized Arabic Dialect in Israel, Judith
Rosenhouse and Nisreen Dbayyat

Book Reviews

Putting a Song on Top of It: Expression and Identity on the San Carlos Apache
Reservation (David W. Samuels), M. Eleanor Nevins

Hopi Traditional Literature (David Leedom Shaul), Armin W. Geertz

A Grammar of Mosetén (Jeanette Sakel), Willem Adelaar

A Dictionary of Buin, a Language of Bougainville (Donald C. Laycock), Gary Holton

Kommentierter Dialektatlas des Romani. Teil 1: Vergleich der Dialekte; Teil 2:
Dialektkarten mit einer CD-ROM (Norbert Boretzky and Birgit Igla), Peter Bakker

Blowback: Linguistic Nationalism, Institutional Decay, and Ethnic Conflict in
Sri Lanka (Neil DeVotta), Bernard Bate

Real Country: Music and Language in Working-Class Culture (Aaron A. Fox),
Alexander Dent

Subscriptions and inquires should be sent to: Anthropological Linguistics,
Indiana University, Student Building 130, 701 E. Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington,
IN 47405-7100 USA; fax: (812) 855-7529; e-mail: <anthling at indiana.edu>. For
abstracts and more information, visit our website at:

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
                     Anthropological Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Terei (buo)
                     Tsimané (cas)

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