18.1399, FYI: Announcement of New Journal

Wed May 9 13:50:33 UTC 2007

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Subject: 18.1399, FYI: Announcement of New Journal

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Date: 08-May-2007
From: Bill Poser < billposer at alum.mit.edu >
Subject: Announcement of New Journal


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Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 09:49:13
From: Bill Poser < billposer at alum.mit.edu >
Subject: Announcement of New Journal 

We are pleased to launch a new journal, the Northwest Journal of
Linguistics, which is dedicated to the description and analysis of the
indigenous languages of northwestern North America. Linguistic
research in the region has a long and illustrious tradition. There is
currently a vibrant community of established and younger scholars
actively engaged in the study of northwest languages.  We hope that
NWJL will fill a gap in our current resources by allowing the speedy
publication of original work of the highest quality on the languages
of the region. All submissions go through a process of anonymous peer
review. Our editorial board consists of some of the top scholars on
the languages in the region.
NWJL is committed to the description and dissemination of primary
language data. We encourage submissions of data-rich material; the
electronic format allows for longer articles than normally
accommodated in print journals and also allows the inclusion of
supporting materials, such as audio and video clips, maps, and
NWJL also provides a platform for discussion of analytical and
theoretical issues raised by linguistic phenomena found in languages
of the region.  We encourage the submission of articles that present
treatments of primary or secondary data within any current linguistic
Recognizing the importance of the socio-cultural setting of languages,
we also encourage papers with topics focusing on anthropological
linguistics, sociolinguistics, historical-comparative linguistics, and
linguistic typology.
While the publication of educational materials per se is not within
our purview, we encourage articles on the topics of language
maintenance and revitalization and the role of applied linguistics in
these processes.
Another feature of NWJL is that it is completely free and accessible
world-wide. Foregoing a print version means we are able to avoid some
of the costs that confront print journals. We thank Simon Fraser
University for support that helps to defray the remaining costs. Our
registration system allows us to alert interested scholars each time a
new article is published on our site. Each article is assigned an
issue number and posted as soon as it is ready.
We invite your comments and submissions.
Donna Gerdts, Simon Fraser University
Tim Montler, University of North Texas
Bill Poser, University of British Columbia & Yinka Dene Language Institute

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