18.1400, Jobs: Applied Linguistics & Language Acquisition: Rank Open, ACGE, Inc.

Wed May 9 14:14:58 UTC 2007

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Subject: 18.1400, Jobs: Applied Linguistics & Language Acquisition: Rank Open, ACGE, Inc.

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Date: 08-May-2007
From: Jennifer McCune < jennmccune at comcast.net >
Subject: Applied Linguistics & Language Acquisition: Rank Open, Academic Consortium for Global Education, Inc., USA


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 10:11:53
From: Jennifer McCune < jennmccune at comcast.net >
Subject: Applied Linguistics & Language Acquisition: Rank Open, Academic Consortium for Global Education, Inc., USA 

Organization: Academic Consortium for Global Education, Inc. 
Department: ISLET
Job Rank: Rank Open  

Specialty Areas: Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Technology, Iraqi
Arabic, & Sub-Saharan French


Integrated System for Language Education and Training

Building on research conducted recently for the Naval Education Training
Command to identify/evaluate innovative technology for successfully
teaching foreign language, this project will create a technology-based
Integrated System for Language Education and Training (ISLET), to provide
Department of Navy personnel with listening, speaking and reading skills in
a targeted foreign language up to an ILR level 1/1+ proficiency with
appropriate writing skills.  ISLET will facilitate language acquisition
without the need for extensive classroom participation through the
integration of innovative technologies to create highly motivating
language/culture learning environments for the learner. ISLET will include
a team-based, massively multi-user serious online game and an array of
learning environments infused with authentic materials. This project
includes an ambitious research agenda in assessment and CALL.

It is anticipated that Iraqi Arabic and Sub-Saharan French will be taught
during the initial ISLET research project.  Regionally related cultural
competence will also be a major component of the curriculum.

This project will directly engage the client in order to develop prototypes
and final products that are field tested and ready for implementation for a
military audience.

The project team is seeking to add several highly motivated and experienced
persons who bring interests, skills, and attributes to round out a team
that has the following characteristics:

-  Enjoy working as part of a demanding and collaborative professional team
-  Strong understanding of second language acquisition theory and teaching
-  Evidence of enthusiasm and experience in the use of educational technology
-  Experience with the convergence of technology and language teaching
-  Able to work independently while contributing explicitly to the goals of
the project
-  Familiarity with task-based language learning
-  Experience assessing student learning outcomes
-  Background in parametric, non-parametric, and corpus statistics
-  Knowledge and experience with the concept of gaming and learning
-  Knowledge of serious game development and/or intelligent learning
environment technologies
-  Proficiency in either of the languages to be taught may be a significant

Position titles may include:
-  Content Area Expert
-  Curriculum Developer
-  Post Doc Researcher
-  Serious Game Developer

Work locations may include:
-  Amherst, MA   
-  Charlottesville, VA   
-  Los Angeles, CA        
-  Phoenix, AZ

Interested persons should mail or email their CV, resume, or letter of
interest to the addresses given below.  Enter only the word ISLET in the
subject line of email.

Application Deadline:  (Open until filled)

Mailing Address for Applications:
	PO Box 2675 
	Charlottesville, VA 22902 
Email Address for Applications: Info at acge.org

LINGUIST List: Vol-18-1400	


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