18.1617, Confs: Writing Systems/USA

Tue May 29 06:27:08 UTC 2007

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Subject: 18.1617, Confs: Writing Systems/USA

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Date: 29-May-2007
From: Richard Sproat < rws at uiuc.edu >
Subject: Scripts, Non-scripts and (Pseudo)Decipherment


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 02:25:03
From: Richard Sproat < rws at uiuc.edu >
Subject:  Scripts, Non-scripts and (Pseudo)Decipherment		 

Scripts, Non-scripts and (Pseudo)Decipherment 

Date: 11-Jul-2007 - 11-Jul-2007 
Location: Stanford, CA, USA 
Contact: Richard Sproat 
Contact Email: rws at uiuc.edu 
Meeting URL: http://compling.ai.uiuc.edu/2007Workshop/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Writing Systems 

Meeting Description: 

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers with a
variety of backgrounds including archaeology/epigraphy, comparative
history, Indology and computational linguistics, with a common interest in
scripts and writing systems. We want to address the following questions,
with reference to concrete examples:

How do you know when you have a writing system?
How do you know when you have a decipherment? 

We ask that people intending to attend the Workshop on Scripts,
Non-scripts and (Pseudo)Decipherment at Stanford on July 11 please register
via the Workshop webpage. Registration is free, but we need people to
register so that we can have an idea of attendance.

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