19.3834, Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Linguist / Senior Linguist, Cataphora

Mon Dec 15 16:51:10 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.3834, Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Linguist / Senior Linguist, Cataphora

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Date: 12-Dec-2008
From: Richard Oehrle < rto at cataphora.com >
Subject: Computational Linguistics: Linguist / Senior Linguist, Cataphora, Inc., Redwood City, CA, USA


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 11:48:24
From: Richard Oehrle [rto at cataphora.com]
Subject: Computational Linguistics: Linguist / Senior Linguist, Cataphora, Inc., Redwood City, CA, USA

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University or Organization: Cataphora, Inc. 
Department: Linguistics
Job Location: California, USA 
Web Address: http://www.cataphora.com

Job Rank: Linguist / Senior Linguist  

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Natural Language Processing


Cataphora is a dynamic young company, focused on the analysis of large
electronic datasets.  We have a core technology, a working product, and a
focused team of experienced and passionate software professionals with
broad expertise. Our customer base is expanding and we are profitable. We
seek individuals with outstanding skills in the analysis of multi-lingual
electronic corpora. Relevant areas of training and interest include
linguistics, computational linguistics, natural language processing,
natural language engineering, artificial intelligence, knowledge
engineering, data mining. We are especially interested in individuals
comfortable with the techniques and relative merits of both symbolic and
statistical approaches.  We actively engage in the development of new
advances of our core technology and product line and in the application of
stable technology to customer needs. In the long run, both are essential to
the health of our company. If you are interested in constructing working
systems with demonstrated and growing value, we want to hear from you. (It
is not our policy to handle relocations; TN visas or H1 visa transfers,
however, are conceivable.)
-  familiarity with basic search techniques and ontology development
-  background in theoretical linguistics, computational linguistics,
pragmatics, discourse analysis
-  artificial intelligence and their applications to search techniques and
-  experience, proficiency, facility in programming 
-  intellectual curiosity
-  appreciation for working with great people in a promising young company

Strongly preferred (the more the better!):
-  knowledge of other major world languages (in addition to English)
-  active programming experience (Java, Python, ...)
-  familiarity with large database applications
-  strong data visualization design and development skills

To apply, send your resume (as a text file, a Word Doc, or a PDF file) to
Dick Oehrle at the application email listed below.
We will be interviewing at the LSA Annual Meeting in San Francisco in January.

Application Deadline:  (Open until filled)
Email Address for Applications: rto at cataphora.com 
Contact Information:
	Richard Oehrle 
	Email: rto at cataphora.com 

LINGUIST List: Vol-19-3834	


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