19.2168, Confs: Writing Systems/UK

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Subject: 19.2168, Confs: Writing Systems/UK

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Date: 03-Jul-2008
From: Richard Sproat < rws at uiuc.edu >
Subject: International Conference on the Phaistos Disk


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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 12:01:31
From: Richard Sproat [rws at uiuc.edu]
Subject: International Conference on the Phaistos Disk
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International Conference on the Phaistos Disk 

Date: 31-Oct-2008 - 01-Nov-2008 
Location: London, United Kingdom 
Contact: Jerome Eisenberg 
Contact Email: phaistosdiskconference at minervamagazine.com 
Meeting URL: http://minervamagazine.com/images/phaistos.pdf 

Linguistic Field(s): Writing Systems 

Meeting Description: 

International Conference on the Phaistos Disk
London, UK, 31 October - 1 November 2008

The world-famous Phaistos Disk is one of the great treasures in the
Archaeological Museum in Herakleion, Crete. It is also one of the most famous
unsolved mysteries in the field of archaeology. Innumerable attempts have been
made to decipher the 16cm disk and its 45 different symbols, including scholarly
discussions of its relationship to other ancient scripts such as Greek,
Anatolian, Semitic, and even Indian, Chinese, and Polynesian. Attributions have
linked it to deities in Greek mythology, the Hittites and Philistines, and
Osiris and Isis in Egypt. It has been interpreted as an adventure narrative, a
poetic verse, a magical curse, a board game, and even musical notes for a
stringed instrument. Pseudoarchaeologists have claimed that it is a message from
extraterrestrials and even a portal or 'stargate' with which a wormhole can be
created to enable one to achieve teleportation to cosmic distances. However, the
authenticity of this enigmatic object is now in doubt as new light is cast upon
its origin, 'discovery', and symbols. At the conference those proponents of its
authenticity will have the opportunity to present their latest findings and to
challenge the claims of its being just a clever forgery created specifically to
boost the reputation of its discoverer.

Organising Committee: 
JeromeM. Eisenberg, Ph.D, Chairman
Peter Clayton, F.S.A
MarkMerrony, D.Phil 
Nicholas Reed,M.A.,M.Phil


For registration forms please apply by e-mail or fax.

15 October - Final date for Registration and payment of registration fees.
Registration is limited to 100 attendees so an early submission is suggested.
Registration fees for the two days, including coffee and tea breaks and a wine
reception on 31 October: £35; Society of Antiquaries Fellows, Minerva
subscribers, and seniors, £25; students, £20. A dinner followed by an open
discussion, open to all registrants, will be held on 31 October (charges to be
set at a later date).

Conference website: www.minervamagazine.com
E-mail: phaistosdiskconference at minervamagazine.com
Fax: (44) 20 7491 1595

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