19.1795, Jobs: English & Computational Linguistics: Researcher, A-Life Medical

Thu Jun 5 14:22:50 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.1795, Jobs: English & Computational Linguistics: Researcher, A-Life Medical

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Date: 04-Jun-2008
From: Susan Forrest < sforrest at alifemedical.com >
Subject: English & Computational Linguistics: Researcher, A-Life Medical, San Diego, CA, USA


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 10:21:26
From: Susan Forrest [sforrest at alifemedical.com]
Subject: English & Computational Linguistics: Researcher, A-Life Medical, San Diego, CA, USA
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University or Organization: A-Life Medical 
Department: NLP Engineering and Linguistics
Job Location: California, USA 
Web Address: http://www.alifemedical.com

Job Rank: Researcher  

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Natural Lanuage Processing

Required Language(s): English (eng)


The Researcher will work closely with other medical language linguists and
the Quality Assurance Department to develop state-of-the-art medical NLP.
Responsibilities include maintaining and developing domain-specific lexical
databases and rules related to medical diagnoses, procedures, and various
other facets of medical encounters. This person will apply various
techniques from computational linguistics to develop and improve software
modules that perform morphological analysis, tokenization, parsing, and
semantic analysis. Some linguistic design work on particular areas of
semantic or grammatical disambiguation will be required, with constant
attention to implementation and a rapid development cycle. The Research
Linguist reports to the Vice President of NLP and New Technology.

Essential Duties:

- Acquire a working knowledge of the main linguistic modules of the
LifeCode system, including a basic understanding of vector matching, the
function and editing of lexical analyzers, the role of general purpose
lexical analyzers, and segmentation.
- Assist in the design, development, maintenance, documentation and testing
of a particular aspect of coding or a particular previously developed product. 
- Work with other linguists and software engineers to arrive at new
solutions to complex problems and to implement these solutions.
- Work with QA staff to test changes to the system and find problems with
the system. This may entail extensive regression testing, database querying
and report generation.


- Bachelor or Masters degree in Linguistics, Cognitive Science, or a
linguistics-related discipline.
- 0-3 years related professional work experience required.  

Technical Skills:

- Computational Linguistics: Phonetics, Morphology, Syntax and Semantics;
Cognitive Linguistics; Regular Expressions, Natural Language Processing.
- Medical vocabulary and the pragmatics of medical documentation should be
- A strong aptitude for computers is required. It will be necessary to
develop a working knowledge of C++, Lexx, Yacc/Yacc++, as well as SQL.
- Skills in rapid data manipulation and analysis are required. Knowledge of
at least one rapid and powerful text manipulating program is required, such
as Perl, Python, or an equivalent UNIX utility.
- Applications:  Excel, Word, Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio, Visual
Studio Team System, SQL Query Analyzer.
- Experience with XML and XSLT is desirable, as well as a demonstrated
ability to find information on the internet.

Other Skills / Experience: 

- A demonstrated ability to function within a team and to handle a variety
of tasks.
- Logical thinker and quick learner with strong problem solving and
analytical ability.
- Customer service oriented with a strong commitment to produce high
quality, workable solutions for both internal and external customers.
- Strong oral and written communication skills.

Application Deadline: 30-Jun-2008 
Email Address for Applications: sforrest at alifemedical.com 
Contact Information:
	Director of Human Resources Susan Forrest 
	Email: sforrest at alifemedical.com 

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