20.2921, Jobs: English & Indo-European & Text/Corpus Ling: Programmer, Australia

Sun Aug 30 17:49:02 UTC 2009

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Subject: 20.2921, Jobs: English & Indo-European & Text/Corpus Ling: Programmer, Australia

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Date: 28-Aug-2009
From: Luke Metcalfe < xlinguistlist at rapint.com >
Subject: English & Indo-European & Text/Corpus Linguistics: Programmer, Rapid Intelligence Pty Ltd, Australia

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 13:47:11
From: Luke Metcalfe [xlinguistlist at rapint.com]
Subject: English & Indo-European & Text/Corpus Linguistics: Programmer, Rapid Intelligence Pty Ltd, Australia

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University or Organization: Rapid Intelligence Pty Ltd 
Job Location: , Australia (Telecommute)
Web Address: http://www.rapint.com

Job Rank: Programmer  

Specialty Areas: Text/Corpus Linguistics; Natural Language Processing

Required Language(s): English (eng)



We are web publishing company operating in the reference niche. We are a
looking for a developer to work with very large corpora. The task is always
in structuring and/or extracting useful information out of a large dataset. 

Our approach involves pragmatic result-oriented development with clever
efficient algorithms, rather than throwing hardware at problems. 

You will be working with another expert in the space, developing tools that
he has rapidly prototyped. 

At least 5 years of application development experience is required.
Familiarity with web languages like html, javascript and css is required,
though you will mostly be doing data-oriented work, not web frontends. 

Any experience in clustering, categorisation, part of speech tagging, named
entity recognition, web robots, etc will be put to good use. 

You may code in any language you choose but must be able to read Perl and PHP.

Please see job application and contact information below.

Application Deadline: 22-Sep-2009 
Mailing Address for Applications:
	CEO Luke Metcalfe 
	Telecommute Telecommute 
Email Address for Applications: xlinguistlist at rapint.com 
Contact Information:
	Luke Metcalfe 
	Email: xlinguistlist at rapint.com 
	Phone: 61282219721 
	Fax: 61282219721 

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