21.3344, Confs: Japanese, English, Lang Acquisition, Syntax, Morphology/Canada

Thu Aug 19 17:44:32 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.3344, Confs: Japanese, English, Lang Acquisition, Syntax, Morphology/Canada

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Date: 18-Aug-2010
From: Mihaela Pirvulescu < ma.pirvulescu at utoronto.ca >
Subject: Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition in North America

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 13:42:31
From: Mihaela Pirvulescu [ma.pirvulescu at utoronto.ca]
Subject: Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition in North America

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Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition in North America 
Short Title: GALANA 

Date: 01-Sep-2010 - 03-Sep-2010 
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Contact: Mihaela Pirvulescu 
Contact Email: galana4 at utoronto.ca 
Meeting URL: http://www.spanport.utoronto.ca/galana4/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition; Morphology; Syntax 

Subject Language(s): English (eng)
                     Japanese (jpn)

Meeting Description: 

GALANA 4, Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition North America
University of Toronto, Canada, September 1-3

Plenary Speakers: 

John Archibald (University of Calgary)
Jeffrey Lidz (University of Maryland)
Johanne Paradis (University of Alberta) 

GALANA 4   Insights From Cross-Population Comparison

Wednesday, September 1

Opening remarks

Session 1: Focus Structures

Nobuaki Akagi, Macquarie University, Takuya Goro, Ibaraki University Rosalind
Thornton, Macquarie University, 'Children's Interpretations of Disjunction in
Japanese Questions'

Kamil Ud Deen, University of Hawaii at Manoa Napasri Timyam, Kasetsart
University, 'Reversible Quantifiers in Adult and Child Thai'

Anja Müller, Vanessa Rupp, Petra Schulz, Goethe-University Frankfurt Barbara
Höhle, Potsdam University, 'How the Understanding of Focus Particles Develops:
Evidence from Child German'

Coffee Break			

Session 2: Definitness as a Learning Space

Nao Nakano, Hye-Sun Park & Cristina Schmitt, Michigan State University,
'Japanese and Korean Plurality: A Difficult Acquisition Task'

Tania Ionin, Soondo Baek, Eunah Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Heejeong Ko, Seoul National University, Ken Wexler, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, 'That's the Meaning: Interpretation of Definite and Demonstrative
Descriptions in L2-English'

Lydia White, Alyona Belikova, McGill University, Paul Hagstrom, Boston
University, Tanja Kupisch, University of Hamburg, Öner Özçelik, McGill
University, 'There Aren't Many Difficulties with Definiteness: Negative
Existentials in the L2 English of Russian and Turkish Speakers'

Lunch Break		

Plenary: Jeffrey Lidz, University of Maryland, 'Inside the LAD: Learning in
Generative Grammar'

Coffee Break			

Session 3: Number and Scope

Zhijun Wen, Mari Miyao, Aya Takeda, Wei Chu & Bonnie D. Schwartz, University of
Hawaii, 'Does Linear Distance Explain L2 (in)sensitivity to Agreement Violations
in Online Processing?'

Kristen Syrett & Julien Musolino, Rutgers University, 'When the Whole is not
Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: Collectivity, Distributivity, and Number'

Lyn Tieu, University of Connecticut, 'On the Tri-ambiguous Status of Any: The
View from Child Language'

Wine-and-cheese Poster Session*	

Thursday, September 2

Plenary: Johanne Paradis, University of Alberta, 'The Interface between
Bilingual Development and Specific Language Impairment

Poster Session
Coffee Break		

Session 4: Syntax in Heritage Speaker Populations

Tanja Kupisch, Dagmar Barton & Giulia Bianchi,University of Hamburg, 'Genericity
and Cross-linguistic Influence in Adult German-French and German-Italian'

Teresa Lee, University of Virginia, 'Korean Heritage Speakers' Grammatical
Competence: The Acquisition of Unaccusativity'

Lunch Break	
Session 5: Pronouns at the Interface

Miwa Isobe, Tokyo University of the Arts, 'Children Speaking Japanese can
Interpret Adjunct Null Subjects While Identifying Correct Antecedents'

Geraldine Legendre, Johns Hopkins University, Isabelle Barrière, Brooklyn
College, CUNY, Louise Goyet Université Paris Descartes, Thierry Nazzi, CNRS/LPP,
Paris, 'On the Acquisition of Implicated Presuppositions: Evidence from French
Personal Pronouns'

Elaine Grolla, University of Sao Paulo, 'The Acquisition of Contrastive and
Non-contrastive Anaphoric Forms in Brazilian Portuguese'

Bernadette Plunkett, University of York, 'The Development of French wh-Clefts
and Extraction Type'

Coffee Break		

Session 6: Prosody in a Second Language

Heather Goad, McGill University, Lydia White, McGill University, Joyce Bruhn de
Garavito, The University of Western Ontario, 'The L2 Acquisition of Spanish
Plurals by French Speakers: Constraints on Syllable Structure or on Higher
Prosodic Structure?'

?ner ?zçelik, McGill University, 'L2 Acquisition of Higher-level Prosodic
Structures and the Role of UG'

Reception Charbonnel Lounge			

Friday, September 3

Session 7: Gender and Agreement

Sharon Unsworth, Utrecht University, Froso Argyri, University of Edinburgh,
Leonie Cornips, Meertens Institute, Aafke Hulk, University of Amsterdam,
Antonella Sorace, University of Edinburgh, Ianthi Tsimpli, Aristotle University
of Thessaloniki, 'On the Role of Age of Onset and Input Quantity in Early Child
Bilingualism in Greek and Dutch'

Susanne Brouwer, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Sharon Unsworth,
Utrecht University, Pim Mak, Utrecht University, 'Processing Grammatical Gender
in Dutch: Evidence from Eye-tracking'

Theres Grüter, Stanford University, Casey Lew-Williams, University of
Wisconsin-Madison, Anne Fernald, Stanford University, 'Grammatical Gender in L2:
Bringing Psycholinguistic Evidence to Bear on Generative Accounts'

Coffee Break		

Session 8:Wh-questions across Populations

Philippe Prévost, Université François Rabelais, Nelleke Strik, University of
Toronto, Laurie Tuller, Université François Rabelais, 'How Derivational
Complexity Interacts with L1 Properties, Length of Exposure, Age of Exposure,
and Input in Child L2 Acquisition of French Wh-questions'

Petra Schulz, Magdalena Wojtecka, Alisa Blume & Rebecca Schuler,
Goethe-University Frankfurt, 'Comprehension of Exhaustive Wh-questions in SLI
Children - Evidence for a Semantic Deficit or Delay?'

Sunny Park, Purdue University, 'Why They do That? Lack of T-to-C Movement by
Korean-English Bilingual Children'

Ting Xu & William Snyder, University of Connecticut, 'Children's 2Aux Negative
Questions: Elicited Production versus Spontaneous Speech'

Business meeting			

Session 9: Input and Frequency in Grammar Development

Carolina Holtheuer, Universidad de Chile, Karen Miller, Pennsylvania State
University, Cristina Schmitt, Michigan State University, 'Ser and Estar: the
Role of Adjective Type and Animacy in Acquisition'

Helen Hefter & Walcir Cardoso, Concordia University, 'The L1 Acquisition of sC
Onset Clusters: Comparing the Effects of Markedness and Input Frequency'

Yvan Rose & Julie Brittain, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 'Grammar
Matters: Evidence from the Metrical and Inflectional Development in Northern
East Cree'

Elizabeth C. Goodin-Mayeda, University of Houston Jeffrey Renaud, University of
Iowa, Jason Rothman, University of Florida, 'Optimality Theoretic L2 Reranking
and the Constraint Fluctuation Hypothesis'

Plenary: John Archibald, University of Victoria, 'The Interface of L2 Phonetics
and Phonology'


Nikolay Slavkov, University of Ottawa, 'Derivational Complexity Effects in L2

Anamaria Bentea, Université de Genève, 'Subject vs Object Relatives: What Can
French and Romanian Children Tell Us About Their Acquisition?'

Will Dalton, McGill University, 'Allophony in the L2: Acquiring High Vowel
Allophones in Quebec French'

Tetsuya Sano, Meiji Gakuin University, 'More Observations on the Scope
Interactions in L1 Acquisition of Japanese' 

Egor Tsedryk, Saint Mary's University, 'Local Cues in Locative Constructions:
Learning Curve With and Without Case Morphology'
Poster Session 1, Wednesday September 1st, 4:40

Masaaki Kamiya, Hamilton College & Akemi Matsuya, Takachiho University in Tokyo,
'Japanese Children's Interpretations of Pragmatically Derived Meanings of
Numerals and Acquisition Processes'

Peng Zhou, Macquarie University, Stephen Crain , Macquarie University, Liqun
Gao, Beijing Language and Culture University &  Likan Zhan, Beijing Language and
Culture University, 'The Role of Prosody in Children's Focus Identification'  

Petra  Hendriks & Ruth  Koops van 't Jagt, University of Groningen, 'Can You Be
More Specific? Acquiring Specificity in Comprehension and Production'

Ana Lúcia Santos, Universidade de Lisboa, Inês Duarte, Universidade de Lisboa,
Acrisio Pires, University of Michigan, Jason Rothman, University of Florida,
'Some Remarks on the Acquisition of Inflected Infinitives'

Anna  Gavarró, Arnau  Cunill, Míriam  Muntané, Marc Reguant, Universitat
Autònoma de Barcelona, 'Catalan Child Relative Contrasts as a Processing Effect'

Silvia Perpiñán, The University of Western Ontario, 'On Wh-movement, Resumption,
and Islands in L2 Spanish'

Annie Gagliardi & Jeffrey Lidz, University of Maryland, 'The Nnecessity of Class
Internal Regularities in the Acquisition of Tsez Noun Classes'

Yu-da Lai, MingDao University, Chien-jer Lin,  Indiana University, Chun-yin
Chen,  National Taiwan Normal University, 'The Timing of Sensitivity to
Structural and Non-Structural Information in Nonnative Reading'

Yasaman Rafat, Bethany MacLeod, University of Toronto, 'The Effect of
Orthography on the Formation of Underlying Representations in L2 Spanish'

Jacqueline van Kampen & Rianne Schippers, Utrecht University, 'Prepositions and
Particles in the Acquisition of Dutch'

Egor Tsedryk, Saint Mary's University, 'Local Cues in Locative Constructions:
Learning Curve With and Without Case Morphology'

Irina Marinescu, University of Toronto, 'Duration Cues and Perceptual Strategies
of Cue Weighting in L2'

Jill de Villiers, Ann Nordmeyer, Megan Kravitz, Smith College, 'Maintaining a
Point of View across Multiple Pronoun Switches'

Kyoko Yamakoshi, Senshu University/Harvard University, 'The Acquisition of
Some/Every Interaction with Negation in Japanese'

Anahi Alba de la Fuente, University of Ottawa, 'Spanish Clitic Cluster
Constraints: Syntax and Learnability'

Anamaria Bentea, Université de Genève, 'Subject vs Object Relatives: What Can
French and Romanian Children Tell Us about Their Acquisition?'

Jinsun Choe, University of Hawaii, 'Acquisition of Korean Causatives: Linking
with Directness of Causation'

Karen Froud, University of Columbia New York, Kenneth Wexler, Vina Tsakali,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 'Late Maturation of Raising in English:
Evidence from Yypically Developing Children'

Koichi Otaki, University of Connecticut, 'Noun Raising in Child English'

Koji Sugisaki, Mie University, 'Configurational Structure in Child Japanese: New

Larissa Nossalik, McGill University, 'L2 Acquisition of Coercion'

Tania Leal-Mendez, The University of Iowa, 'Feature Interpretability in L2
Acquisition: Evidence from Resumptive Pronoun Use in L2 English'

Naoko Sawada, Nanzan University & Keiko Murasugi, Nanzan University & University
of Connecticut, 'A Cross-Linguistic Approach to the 'Erroneous' Genitive
Subjects: Underspecification of Tense in Child Grammar Revisited '
Poster Session  2, Thursday September 2, 10:00

Silvina Montrul, James Yoon, Eunah Kim, 'The On-line Processing of Binding
Principles A and B in L2 Acquisition: Evidence from Eye Tracking'

Inmaculada Gomez-Soler, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The L1
Acquisition of Gustar: Evidence against Maturation

Ruggero Montalto, Angeliek van Hout & Petra Hendriks, University of Groningen,
'Developmental Differences in the Ordering of Italian Near-synonymous Quantifiers'

Noriko Yoshimura, University of Shizuoka, Mineharu Nakayama, The Ohio State
University, 'Dissociating Overt Wh-movement from LF Interpretation in L2

Misha Becker & Estigarribia, Bruno, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
'Drawing Inferences about Novel Raising and Control Verbs'

Natalie Boll-Avetisyan, René Kager, Elise de Bree, Annemarie Kerkhoff, Sandra
den Boer, Utrecht University, 'Identity Avoidance in Speech Segmentation: a
Universal or a Matter of Speech Input? Evidence from Artificial Language
Learning Experiments with Infants'

Nikolay Slavkov, University of Ottawa, 'Derivational Complexity Effects in L2

Raquel Santos, Cristiane Silva, University of São Paulo, 'Allophony and the
Acquisition of Voice Assimilation in Brazilian Portuguese'

Shannon Barrios, William Idsardi, Nan Jiang, University of Maryland, 'When
Representation and Processing Diverge: Spanish-dominant Bilinguals' Asymmetrical

Tetsuya Sano, Meiji Gakuin University, 'More Observations on the Scope
Interactions in L1 Acquisition of Japanese'

Tilbe Goksun, Temple University, Tom Roeper, University of Massachusetts, Kathy
Hirsh-Pasek, Temple University, Roberta Golinkoff, University of Delaware,
'Nounphrase Ellispsis within Verbphrase Ellipsis: Hidden Pro Licenses Context

Hakima Guella, Institute for Cognitive Sciences, Petra Sleeman, University of
Amsterdam, Viviane Déprez, Rutgers University, 'Specificity Effects in L2
Determiner Acquisition: UG or Pragmatic Egocentrism?'

Bart Hollebrandse, Fabrizio Arosio, Wolfgang Dressler, Austrian Academy of
Sciences, 'Acquiring Tense: a Crosslinguistic Comparison in 17 Languages'

Will Dalton, McGill University, 'Allophony in the L2: Acquiring High Vowel
Allophones in Quebec French' 

Tom Roeper, University of Massachusetts, 'Interfaces and the Acquisition Path
for Recursion'

Roberta Tedeschi, UiL OTS, Utrecht University Phonological Sspects of Clitic
Omission in Early Italian'

Alma Veenstra, Sanne, Berends, Angeliek van Hout, University of Groningen, 'All
Pronouns are Not Acquired Equally in Dutch: Elicitation of Object and
Quantitative Pronouns'
Alyona Belikova, McGill University, 'Evidence Against Indirect Negative Evidence'

LINGUIST List: Vol-21-3344	


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