21.3375, Jobs: Experimental Linguistics: Rank Open, Hanyang University

Mon Aug 23 13:56:13 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.3375, Jobs: Experimental Linguistics: Rank Open, Hanyang University

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Date: 22-Aug-2010
From: Taehong Cho < taehong.cho at gmail.com >
Subject: Experimental Linguistics: Rank Open, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 09:54:21
From: Taehong Cho [taehong.cho at gmail.com]
Subject: Experimental Linguistics: Rank Open, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea

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University or Organization: Hanyang University 
Department: Dept. of English Literature and Linguistics
Job Location: Seoul, Korea, South 
Web Address: http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/code_html/H3HLFB/introEng/index.html

Job Rank: Rank Open  

Specialty Areas: General Linguistics; Psycholinguistics; Experimental Linguistics


Department of English Literature and Linguistics, Hanyang University
(Seoul, Korea) invites foreign applications for a full time faculty
(tenure-track) position with the rank open in the field of experimental
linguistics to start on March 1, 2011 (or possibly Sept 1, 2011). The area
of specialization is open, as long as the candidate's research is conducted
based on some kind of experimental work, dealing with theoretical issues of
any subfields of linguistics (e.g., psycholinguistics, discourse,
pragmatics, phonetics, laboratory phonology, syntax, semantics).
(Candidates whose research interests lie in psycholinguistics with spoken
word/sentence processing are particularly encouraged to apply, but we value
a strong research/publication record in any subfield of linguistics.)  

Minimum qualifications:
The applicant must hold PhD before the job starts; must have at least 2
articles already published in international scholarly journals in the past
3 years; must hold a foreign nationality with a native command of English.

Teaching 2 or 3 courses per semester, depending on the candidate's
qualifications, and advising students. No substantial administration work
is expected to be done by foreign faculty members. 

The AVERAGE annual salaries are as follows: Assistant Professors from
US$44,000 to US$51,000; Associate Professors from US$52,000 to US$62,000;
and Professors from US$62,000 to US$100,000, which frequently varies
depending on the exchange rates. A residence or housing subsidy may be
provided for up to 3 years. The actual salary will be determined based on
the candidate's teaching and research experience and qualifications. Other
benefits may include a start-up fund and possible annual university
research funds. In addition, each faculty member is granted one research
assistantship. Currently, a special research allowance (a substantial
amount as additional salary) is additionally granted for each international
journal paper to be published in SSCI and A&HCI indexed journals. 

Hanyang University is one of the top 5 universities in Korea to which top
5% or better high school students are generally admitted. The department
has 6 linguistics and 6 literature faculty members. The department has
recently built a state-of-art Phonetics/Psycholinguistics Laboratory
(director: Taehong Cho) to promote research programs in experimental
linguistics. It is equipped with a magnetometer system (EMA), an
Eye-tracking system (Eye-Link II), a professional sound booth, two
perception booths and other necessary computer facilities. The successful
applicant will have a full access to the lab facilities. 

Related websites
Lab: http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/code_html/H3HLFB/introEng/research/index.html
Further info on the lab: http://tcho.hanyang.ac.kr (and click "phonetics lab")
Department info: http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/code_html/H3HLFB/introEng/index.html
Hanyang U. http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/english/ 

Application Details:
The first screening process will be made based on the candidate's CV,
statement of teaching and (past, current, and future) research interests
and 2-3 sample research papers published within the past 3 years (to be
sent to linguistics at hanyang.ac.kr) and three letters of recommendation. The
letters of recommendation should be sent directly to Prof. Taehong Cho at
tcho at hanyang.ac.kr. 

Candidates who are short-listed after the first screening process will be
asked to send original documents and formal university application materials.

Application Deadline: 15-Oct-2010 
Email Address for Applications: linguistics at hanyang.ac.kr 
Contact Information:
	Taehong Cho 
	Email: taehong.cho at gmail.com 
	Phone: 82-2-2220-0746 
	Fax: 82-2-2220-0741 

LINGUIST List: Vol-21-3375	


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