21.4605, Jobs: General Linguistics: Consultant, Gap International

Wed Nov 17 15:31:28 UTC 2010

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Subject: 21.4605, Jobs: General Linguistics: Consultant, Gap International

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Date: 16-Nov-2010
From: Arsine Oshagan [Arsine.Oshagan at gapinternational.com]
Subject: General Linguistics: Consultant, Gap International, Pennsylvania, USA

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Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 10:30:20
From: Arsine Oshagan [Arsine.Oshagan at gapinternational.com]
Subject: General Linguistics: Consultant, Gap International, Pennsylvania, USA

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University or Organization: Gap International 
Job Location: Pennsylvania, USA 
Web Address: http://www.gapinternational.com
Job Rank: Consultant  

Specialty Areas: General Linguistics 


Gap International is a Philadelphia-based global management consulting firm
that partners with executives and their organizations in producing
exceptional growth through extraordinary performance. We are currently
seeking individuals with a bachelor's degree and background in general
linguistics to be involved in our research and product development as well
as become a member of our dynamic and growing professional team of
management consultants. 

Successful candidates must have formal training and an undergraduate degree
in linguistics and a strong interest in the relationship between language
and thinking. Candidates must also possess the ability to work in a
fast-paced environment that demands a high level of commitment to one's own
continuous growth and development, as well as have a willingness to travel,
strong computer skills and a commitment to our firm's values. Work
experience in a corporate setting is a plus. 

The comprehensive growth and development of each and every associate we
hire is a top priority of ours. As a highly matrixed organization, we build
on our associates' existing skills as well as develop our associates as
sales and consulting professionals. 

We invite interested candidates to submit a letter of intent and resume by
mail or email to the contact information provided below. 

For more information on Gap International, please visit our website.

Application Deadline: 31-Dec-2011 
Mailing Address for Applications:
	Dr. Arsine Oshagan 
	700 Old Marple Road 
Email Address for Applications: Arsine.Oshagan at gapinternational.com 
Contact Information:
	Arsine Oshagan 
	Email: Arsine.Oshagan at gapinternational.com 

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