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Subject: 23.1954, Confs: Language Acquisition/Japan

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Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 14:27:37
From: Tomoko Sekiguchi [sekiguch at keyaki.cc.u-tokai.ac.jp]
Subject: 12th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association

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12th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association 
Short Title: J-SLA2012 

Date: 02-Jun-2012 - 03-Jun-2012 
Location: Tokyo, Japan 
Contact: Takaaki Suzuki 
Contact Email: takaaki at cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp 
Meeting URL: http://www.j-sla.org/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition 

Meeting Description: 

12th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association
June 2 and 3, 2012

Hosei University


Plenary Speaker: 

William O'Grady, Department of Linguistics, University of Hawaii 


Saturday, 2nd June

Language for presentation:
[E] in English
[J] in Japanese

Registration (Boissonade Tower(BT)26th floor, Ichigaya Campus, Hosei Univ.)

Student Workshop (Rooms BT801, BT802, BT803)

Room BT801  (Commentator: Kano, Akihiro)                            

Sawada, Saori (Gunma Prefectural Women's University)  [E]
Why do some learners achieve a high level in English without significant experience in English-speaking countries?

Uemura, Takashi (University of Birmingham)  [E]
How can teachers motivate Japanese learners of English with a Confucian Heritage Culture?

Yamada, Toshiyuki (The University of Tokyo)  [E]
Transferability of L1 parsing preferences to L2 parsing

Room BT802  (Commentator: Shirahata, Tomohiko)                            

Suzuki, Kazunori (Bunkyo University)  [J]
Knowledge of Japanese psych adjectives by learners of Japanese and native speakers of Japanese

Iizuka, Yoshihiko (Gunma Prefectural Women's University)  [J]
How and what kind of verbs do English textbooks for: Elementary schools and junior high schools introduce?

Ishiguro, Yoshiaki (Chuo University)  [J]
The acquisition of indirect questions by Japanese learners of English

Room BT803   (Commentator: Suda, Koji)         

Fukuta, Junya (Nagoya University)  [J]
Statistic information of syntactic/lexical compound verb in Japanese: Toward acquisition study of compound verb from corpus analysis

Kimura, Hirotaka (Chuo University)  [J]
The acquisition of English comparative morphemes by Japanese learners of English

Welcome and Opening Remarks (Sky Hall)

Oral Presentations I (Sky Hall)
Chair: Yoshinaga, Naoko (Hirosaki Gakuin University) 

Yoshimura, Noriko (University of Shizuoka) & Nakayama, Mineharu (The Ohio State University)  [E]
Acquisition of wh-movement by Japanese learners of English: Feature  valuation, selectional restriction, and scope interpretation

Oshita, Hiroyuki (Ohio University)  [E]
U-shaped development in Japanese speakers' acquisition of English intransitive verbs

Poster Presentations   (Conference Room A)
P1-1  Suda, Koji (Toyama Prefectural University)  [J]
The effects of working memory capacity and proficiency on sentence processing by Japanese learners of English
P1-2 Fukuta,Junya (Nagoya University)& Inagaki, Shunji (Nagoya University) [J]
The L2 acquisition of purpose clauses with Tameni and Youni in Japanese: Is the overgeneralization of Tameni specific to Chinese learners?
P1-3  Hasebe, Megumi (Yokohama National University), Maki, Hideki (Gifu University) & Umezawa, Toshiro (Gifu City Women's College)  [E]
An asymmetry in acquisition of the passive construction by Japanese ESL learners
P1-4  Ohyama, Kenichi (Daito Bunka University)  [E]
'Juncture' relations between pitch and aspiration: Phonetic acquisition considerations for Japanese learners of English
P1-5  Ou, Shu-chen (National Sun Yat-sen University) & Hung, Wan-jen (National Sun Yat-sen University)  [E]
Onset effects on the perception of L2 English vowels: A pilot study
P1-6  Yamaguchi, Yumiko (Tokyo Denki University)  [E]
Development of English subordinate clauses in L2 acquisition
P1-7  Kasai, Chise (Gifu University), Takahashi, Jun A. (Osaka University), Goto, Shizuka (Gifu University), Hattori, Natsumi (Gifu University), Iwai, Arisa (Gifu University) & Minoura, Misaki (Gifu University)  [E]  Bilingual cognition: Cognitive shift and English proficiency, results from item categorisation task in high school
P1-8  Itagaki, Shizuka (Kwanseigakuin University) & Yoshiizumi, Kazunori (Kobe Women's Junior College)  [J]
The challenges faced by teachers in English activities at elementary schools
P1-9  Weng, Pei-shi (Tamkang University)  [E]
Code-switching as a strategy use in an EFL classroom in Taiwan

Oral Presentations II	 (Sky Hall)
Chair: Urano, Ken (Hokkai-Gakuen University)

Monou, Tomoko (Keio University)  [E]
L2 acquisition of null subject constructions
Mitsugi, Sanako (The University of Kansas)  [E]
Lexical semantic integration in second language sentence processing of relative clauses

Yamada, Toshiyuki (The University of Tokyo) & Hirose, Yuki  (The University of Tokyo)  [E]
Asymmetry in Japanese EFL Learners' on-line sensitivity to English number agreement

Conference Dinner (Lounge, BT 26th floor, Hosei University)
You can register for the conference dinner at the reception. 
Fee: 4,500 yen (part-time teachers and students: 2,000 yen) 

Sunday, 3rd June
9:00  Registration   	 		  
(Boissonade Tower(BT)26th floor, Ichigaya Campus, Hosei Univ.)

Oral Presentations III 	(Sky Hall)
Chair: Yamane, Maki (Kanagawa University) 

Ogawa, Mutsumi (University of Essex)  [E]
The L2 mental lexicon: Evidence for reorganization of the mass-count distinction in L2 English by Japanese speakers

Akimoto, Takayuki (Chuo University), Hokari, Tomohiro (University of Essex & Chuo University) & Kumagami, Mai (City University of New York)  [E]
Chinese speakers' knowledge on Japanese Verb-Verb compounds: A preliminary study

General Meeting   (Sky Hall)

Poster Presentations (Conference Room A)
P2-1  Yagi, Takehiko (Kyoto Sangyo University) & Suzuki, Takaaki (Kyoto  Sangyo  University)  [J]
The effect of preemption on the intransitive/transitive alternation in L2 English
P2-2  Lai, Yi-hsiu (National University of Kaohsiung)  [E]
Acoustic analysis of Japanese stops produced by Taiwanese learners
P2-3  Arakaki, Niina (Hiroshima University) & Shibata, Miki (Hiroshima University)  [E]
The instructional effect on the English grammar counterfactual if; A case of Japanese EFL learners
P2-4  Yeung, Yuk (The University of Hong Kong) & Chan, Chi Ming (The University of Hong Kong)  [E]
Behind the scene: A showcase of the workflow on an adjunct model of Chinese enhancement course
P2-5  Noguchi, Mari (Kwansei Gakuin University (former)), Nakano, Yoko (Kwansei Gakuin University) & Wang, Marian (Kwansei Gakuin University)  [E]
Contextual influence on ambiguity resolution by Japanese learners of  English at different proficiency levels: Two questionnaire studies
P2-6  Kawahara, Nayumi (Kyoto Sangyo University) & Kawagoe, Itsue (Kyoto Sangyo University)  [J]
The effect of phonetic instruction on the understanding of word identification by stressed position in L2 English
P2-7  Ohba, Hiromasa (Joetsu University of Education)  [J]
Japanese EFL learners' acquisition of relative clauses revisited: The application of "Latent Rank Theory"
P2-8  Suzuki, Yuichi (University of Maryland College Park)  [英]
Implicit learning of Japanese verbal inflection: The pilot
P2-9  Witoon, Surasak (Thammasat University) & Singhapreecha,Pornsiri (Thammasat University)  [英]
Psych verbs, causatives, and Thai learners

Plenary Address  (Sky Hall)
Chair: Suzuki, Takaaki (Kyoto Sangyo University)  
O'Grady, William (The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)  [E]
Processing and acquisition: exploring new possibilities

Oral Presentations IV  (Sky Hall)
Chair: Koyanagi, Kaoru (Sophia University) 

Taylor, Becky (University of York)  [E]
Evidence against purely phrasal pitch in English speakers' L2 Japanese

Matthews, John (Chuo University) & Kawasaki, Takako (Hosei University)  [E]
Mapping acoustic cues in L2 speech perception and the acquisition of new segmental categories

Closing Remarks   (Sky Hall)

LINGUIST List: Vol-23-1954	

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