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Subject: 23.1955, Calls: English, Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/Lebanon

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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 09:09:51
From: Dr Hayat Al-Khatib [hkhatib at aou.edu.lb]
Subject: Towards a Working Curriculum in ELT for Arab Learners

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Full Title: Towards a Working Curriculum in ELT for Arab Learners 
Short Title: Working Curriculum in ELT 

Date: 08-Sep-2012 - 08-Sep-2012
Location: Beirut, Lebanon 
Contact Person: Dr Hayat Al-Khatib
Meeting Email: calr at aou.edu.lb
Web Site: http://calr@aou.edu.lb 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition 

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Call Deadline: 30-Jul-2012 

Meeting Description:

Seminar title: Towards a Working Curriculum in ELT for Arabic learners
Venue: The Arab Open University - Lebanon
Date: September 8, 2012, from 10:00-16:00
Registration and submission: CALR at aou.edu.lb

A number of studies argue that many ESL students face difficulties in learning English at various levels and with different skills (e.g. McCardle and Hoff, 2006; Hoffman, 2001). Most material looked at the commonwealth experience, without much attention to the Arab region (Seargeant, and Swann, 2011; Mayor, and Allington, 2012; Tagg and Hewings, 2012). 

Recently and with the spread of global English as an essential tool for communication, trade and worldwide exchange, more interest has been centred on the concerns, problems and needs of Arab learners studying English. The British Council seminar (Beirut, 2012) emphasized the need to study the specific linguistic and cultural requirements of learners in different regions in order to devise an appropriate curriculum that would cater for the specific needs of the English language learners. 

Several initiatives are underway to identify and understand the difficulties associated with studying English in the Arabic context and to propose teaching and learning support that can provide the essential working intervention. The research project summarized in the special edition of CALR Linguistic Journal is one attempt devoted to this endeavour. It can be accessed on https://www.arabou.edu.kw/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=340&Itemid=661&lang=en. 

Call for Papers:

The Centre for Applied Linguistics Research CALR is pleased to announce call for papers for its upcoming seminar on Towards a Working Curriculum in ELT for Arabic Learners.

CALR invites linguist, researchers and faculty members working in the domain of teaching English to present working papers, research articles and case studies that provide new interpretations or suggestions in the following areas:

1. Comparative studies identifying difficulties that Arab students face in learning English
2. Teaching and learning tasks that were introduced and how students responded to the remedial intervention and what were the results
3. Theoretical reviews that bring forth new interpretations, in response to the Research Project published in CALR special edition

Deadline for submission of full paper is July 30, 2012. Programme detail will be available by August 15, 2012.

Guidelines for Papers:

Papers should use the following style and the guidelines below.

Recommended length of abstract: 200 words
Recommended length of papers: 3000 words

Consider the following structure when presenting your contribution:

- Title 
- Author(s) and e-mail address of each author 
- Author's affiliation, address and URL 
- Abstract 
- Up to six keywords 
- Main sections 
- Elaboration 
- References 
- Acknowledgments 


Single line title not longer than 15 words (specify your main theme)


Author name(s) as follows: first name, extra initials and family name. Add after each name of an author the email address if available. Put the email address [between brackets]. 


Contributions should be preceded by an abstract of 200 words in English.


List up to six keywords to position your paper. 


References should be elaborated according to the APA (American Psychological Association) specifications. References to journals should include the authors' names and initials, title of publication, full name of the journal, publication year, volume, number and starting and ending page. 

Size of Your Contribution:

Recommended length of paper is 3000 words. Papers including tables and illustrations should not exceed 8 pages.

Issues of Language:

The authors are responsible for presenting the paper in good English. 

Submission of Contributions:

Contributions should be sent to CALR at aou.edu.lb.

- Font: Times New Roman (avoid unnecessary bold or italics)
- Titles: 14 point, lower case, left aligned, no underlining
- Text: 12 point
- Spacing: 1.5 lines

Review Procedure:

All submitted proposals are blind reviewed. You will receive a reply message confirming receipt of your contribution. 

Copyright Policy and Responsibilities of Authors:

Submission of a contribution implies that, unless clearly indicated and all conflicting copyright issues resolved, the content has not been published elsewhere. Authors remain responsible for the content of their submission.

Full paper submission deadline: July 30, 2012
Notification due: August 30, 2012 

The working language is English.

Accepted articles will be published in CALR online refereed journal.

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