23.167, FYI: Call: Pump Priming Vision and Language Research

Tue Jan 10 16:22:36 UTC 2012

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Subject: 23.167, FYI: Call: Pump Priming Vision and Language Research

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Date: 07-Jan-2012
From: Frank Keller [keller at inf.ed.ac.uk]
Subject: Call: Pump Priming Vision and Language Research

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 11:22:19
From: Frank Keller [keller at inf.ed.ac.uk]
Subject: Call: Pump Priming Vision and Language Research

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V&L Net: The EPSRC Network on Vision and Language
Pump-Priming Vision & Language Research 2012-1
Call for Proposals

V&L Net:

The EPSRC Network on Vision and Language (V&L Net) is a forum for 
researchers from the fields of Computer Vision and Language 
Processing to meet, exchange ideas, expertise and technology, and 
form new partnerships. Our aim is to create a lasting interdisciplinary 
research community situated at the language-vision interface, jointly 
working towards solutions for some of today's toughest computational 
challenges, including image and video search, description of visual 
content and text-to-image generation.

The Pump-priming Vision & Language Research Scheme:

V&L Net provides funding to members with the overall aim of 
stimulating research collaboration. We support two different types of 

1. Research collaboration meetings between network members which 
have the specific aim of developing and writing a joint proposal 
involving researchers at different institutions (including industrial 

2. Preparing for release data sets and software resources which will 
become publicly and freely available to researchers, and which define 
research challenges and/or support interdisciplinary work in vision and 

Details of this Call (2012-1):

This call for proposals is not restricted to any particular type of topic or 
resource (although subsequent calls may be).  However, proposal 
topics must either be interdisciplinary, involving researchers from both 
language processing and computer vision, or be located in one 
discipline, with clear relevance to the other.  The assessment criteria 
will be:

1. Potential to achieve progress on research challenges that involve 
both language and vision; and

2. Quality of the plan of work.

Submissions will be reviewed by the V&L Net steering committee.  The 
steering committee (excluding members involved in a submitted 
proposal) will create a ranked list of submitted proposals.  The final 
decision regarding funding will be made by the network coordinators.

Submission Guidelines:

Please send a 2-page outline of the project idea in PDF format to vl-
net at brighton.ac.uk no later than 20 January 2012.  The outline should 
include the following information:

1. Project team, including names of the investigators, their affiliations 
and brief track record, and list of other researchers involved;

2. Case for Support, including either:
a. a high-level synopsis of the project idea and the funding body to 
which the proposal will be submitted, or
b. a description of the data set/software resource to be released and 
its role in setting a research challenge or supporting interdisciplinary 
vision and language research;

3. Spending plan, detailing the envisaged costs, including:
a. envisaged number of meetings and estimated cost of each meeting, 
b. estimated cost of releasing the data or software resource.


The proposed principal investigators and co-investigators must be V&L 
Net members at the time of submission, and full V&L Net members 
when funding starts (please refer to the V&L Net website for 
membership information; for URL see below).  At least one investigator 
must be employed by a UK institution eligible to apply for research 
council funding.

Members of the V&L Net Steering Committee may be involved in a 
proposal submitted to this call, but in this case they will not take part in 
any aspect of assessing and ranking submitted proposals.

We envisage providing relatively small-scale financial support, in the 
region of 1,000-2,000 Pounds. However, the final amount of funding 
that will be provided to the winning proposal will be determined in 
negotiations between the proposers and the V&L Net coordinators.

Requirements and details of financial support for winning proposals:

We will publicise successful proposals on the V&L Net website, 
including a very brief description of the topic of the proposal idea (as 
composed by the investigators).

We will also ask successful applicants to provide us with a progress 
report at the end of the funding period (to enable us to periodically 
review the success of the scheme).

V&L Net will reimburse costs incurred in connection with either 
proposal development meetings or releasing data and software 
resources. Eligible costs are accommodation expenses, UK travel 
(including the UK part of international travel), meals and costs directly 
incurred in connection with releasing data and software resources.  
However, ineligible costs are academic/researchers' salaries, capital 
equipment, institutional overheads, and any costs directly supporting 

Eligible costs will be reimbursed upon submission of expense claim 
forms. All expense claims will have to be submitted by the end of the 
funding period (31 August 2012 for this call). The sum total of all 
expense claims must not exceed the amount agreed in negotiations 
with the coordinators.


Submission of proposals: 03 February 2012
Notification of outcome: 24 February 2012
Funding period: 1 March 2012 to 31 August 2012


V&L Net email address: vl-net at brighton.ac.uk
V&L Net website: http://www.vl-net.org.uk 

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
                     Computational Linguistics


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