23.369, Calls: Applied Ling, Language Acquisition, Socioling/France

Sat Jan 21 15:16:28 UTC 2012

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Subject: 23.369, Calls: Applied Ling, Language Acquisition, Socioling/France

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Date: 20-Jan-2012
From: Jose Aguilar [aquilario at gmail.com]
Subject: Didactique des Langues, des Textes et des Cultures 2012

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 10:15:57
From: Jose Aguilar [aquilario at gmail.com]
Subject: Didactique des Langues, des Textes et des Cultures 2012

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Full Title: Didactique des Langues, des Textes et des Cultures 2012 
Short Title: DILTEC 2012 

Date: 20-Jun-2012 - 22-Jun-2012
Location: Paris, France 
Contact Person: Jose Aguilar
Meeting Email: colloquediltec2012 at univ-paris3.fr
Web Site: http://www.diltec.upmc.fr/fr/colloque_international_langages_cultures_societes.html 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 15-Feb-2012 

Meeting Description:

DILTEC (Didactique des Langues, des Textes et des Cultures) is a research unit now involved in drawing the conclusions of a four-year term. Its members thought that an international conference in Paris on June 20 to 22 would serve the purpose. It would provide the opportunity to share with colleagues working in other research groups and to question the perspectives opening up in applied linguistics.

In order to deal with the different domains and themes that the members of DILTEC cover, the conference will be organized in four themes. These themes have different orientations and partially common interests which trigger a reflection on the links between didactics and the disciplines it refers to. Understanding its objects leads to working at the intersection of disciplines such as linguistics, sociology, literature, anthropology, psychology, which contribute to clarifying research questions in didactics.

The conference will be a place where researchers meet and exchange in order to highlight, describe, analyze or even question the complexity of the relationships that connect languages, cultures and societies (or the disciplines that study them) in research in language learning and teaching. 

2nd Call for Papers:

An abstract of 500 should be sent no later than 15 February 2012 specifying the conference axis that the talk will be registered in. This abstract is to include the context, the theoretical issues and the methodological procedure(s) involved. Ten bibliographical references (not counted in the abstract) are also expected but should not mention the author of the talk.

In addition, the following information needs to be transmitted in a document attached to the talk abstract:

- 3 key words
- Surname and name
- Status and institution

Languages for the Talks:

Talks given in a language other than French will be accompanied by a visual support (slides, handouts) written in French.

The talk abstracts will be subjected to a double anonymous evaluation.

The talks are to be 20 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions.

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