23.496, Jobs: Dutch; (Diachronic) Construction Grammar: Ph.D Position, Ghent U

Tue Jan 31 20:47:29 UTC 2012

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Subject: 23.496, Jobs: Dutch; (Diachronic) Construction Grammar: Ph.D Position, Ghent U

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Date: 31-Jan-2012
From: Timothy Colleman [timothy.colleman at UGent.be]
Subject: Dutch; (Diachronic) Construction Grammar: Researcher/Ph.D Position, Ghent University, Belgium

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 15:46:07
From: Timothy Colleman [timothy.colleman at UGent.be]
Subject: Dutch; (Diachronic) Construction Grammar: Researcher/Ph.D Position, Ghent University, Belgium

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University or Organization: Ghent University 
Department: Linguistics Department
Job Location: Gent, Belgium 
Job Rank: Researcher/Ph.D. Position  

Specialty Areas: (Diachronic) Construction Grammar

Required Language(s): Dutch (nld)


The Department of Linguistics at Ghent University (Section Dutch) offers a 
full-time four-year (2 x 2-year) PhD position in (diachronic) construction 
grammar, as part of a research project on 'Argument structure 
constructions in varieties of Dutch'. This project addresses the interrelated 
areas of diachronic and synchronic variation in constructional semantics, 
through an extensive corpus-based investigation of the semantic 
properties of Dutch argument structure constructions across diachronic, 
regional, and stylistic varieties of the language. On the basis of the 
qualitative and quantitative evaluation of corpus data representing various 
sub-stages and varieties of (Early) Modern Dutch, the PhD researcher will 
examine patterns of variation and change in the semantic structure of 
selected argument structure constructions and will reflect on the 
implications of these findings for theories of argument structure semantics. 
The project's supervisor is Timothy Colleman. 

The PhD project includes writing a dissertation as well as submitting at 
least two research articles for publication in international peer-reviewed 
journals. In addition, the researcher may be asked to assist in the 
supervision of MA students working on related topics.

Applicants for the position should have a Master's degree (or equivalent) 
in Languages and Literature, Linguistics, Dutch studies, or a related field, 
a thorough command of Dutch, and a genuine interest in grammatical 
research. A specialization in Dutch linguistics is not required but will be 
considered an asset. Other assets include a demonstrable knowledge of 
construction grammar and/or theories of language variation and change 
and previous experience with corpus-based methods of investigation (e.g. 
in the framework of a Master's dissertation). Since the project will include 
an important quantitative component, the appointed researcher will be 
expected to thoroughly acquaint him/herself with advanced statistical tools 
and methods. 

The researcher will be hired on a scholarship program 
("doctoraatsbursaal"), which excludes candidates with an academic job 
seniority of more than one year. 

The preferred starting date is April or May 2012. 

Applications should include:  
-  A letter of motivation (in Dutch or English)
-  A CV
-  A sample of written work (e.g. MA and/or BA thesis, research paper, 
published article)

Application Deadline: 29-Feb-2012 
Mailing Address for Applications:
	prof. dr. Timothy Colleman 
	Ghent University 
	Linguistics Department - Section Dutch 
	Blandijnberg 2 
	Gent 9000 
Email Address for Applications: timothy.colleman at UGent.be 
Contact Information:
	Timothy Colleman 
	Email: timothy.colleman at UGent.be 

LINGUIST List: Vol-23-496	

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