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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-74. Tue Jan 08 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.74, FYI: RANLP-2013: Call for Workshop Proposals

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Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2013 14:50:58
From: Irina Temnikova [irina.temnikova at gmail.com]
Subject: RANLP-2013: Call for Workshop Proposals

E-mail this message to a friend:
 RANLP-2013 invites the submission of workshop proposals on any topic of
interest to the Natural Language Processing (NLP) community, ranging from
fundamental research issues to more applied industrial or commercial aspects.
The format of the workshop will be determined by the organisers. Workshops can
vary in length from a half day to full 1-2 days and can also feature demo
sessions. Accepted workshops will receive one free registration to RANLP-2013
(full registration incl. tutorials, workshop, conference, reception,
conference dinner).

The workshops will take place at the AUGUSTA SPA Hotel, Hissar, the main
RANLP-2013 conference venue. If more than 10 workshops are selected, the
RANLP-2013 organisers will provide space at some of the neighbouring hotels in

Important Dates:
Workshop proposals due: 28 February 2013
Workshop selection: 15 March 2013
Workshop website due: 28 March 2013
Workshop papers submission deadline (tentative): 3 July 2013
Workshop paper acceptance notification (tentative): 2 August 2013
Call for workshop participation: 5 August 2013
Workshop camera-ready copies due: 16 August 2013
Workshops: 12-13 September 2013

Proposals should be no longer than five pages and should contain:
1. A title and a brief technical description of the workshop, specifying the
goals and the technical issues that it will focus on;
2. Brief description of the target audience, including estimates of the
numbers of submissions and attendees (a tentative list of potential
contributors would be useful);
3. List of related workshops/events held in the last three years or to be held
in 2013;
4. Tentative workshop program committee;
5. Names and contact information (web page, email address) of the proposed
Organising Committee;
6. Description of the experience of the proposed organisers in the workshop
topics and in organising events.

The workshop Organising Committee is responsible for:
Workshop website;
Call for papers/participation;
Paper submission, review process, authors notification, audio/visual
Verifying the camera-ready copies, providing electronic conference
proceedings, generated with the conference management system.

Workshop invited speakers: If the workshop organisers intend to host an
invited talk, it is recommended that they invite somebody from the main
conference keynote speakers or participants. If the workshop organisers decide
to invite another speaker, it is very likely that the workshop organisers will
have to secure financial support for the invited speaker.

The RANLP-2013 Organising Committee is responsible for:
Link to a workshop's web page;
Publishing the workshop proceedings;
Providing the workshop venue;
Registration, audio/visual support, coffee breaks, registration facilities,
Internet access.

Workshop Proposals Submission:
Workshop proposals in PDF format should be e-mailed to Kiril Simov
kivs[AT]bultreebank[dot]org and cc'ed to ranlp2013[AT]lml[dot]bas[dot]bg

Submitted proposals will be reviewed with respect to the following criteria:
   * Relevance, importance, and timeliness of the topics;
   * Completeness, clarity, and quality of the workshop proposal;
   * Experience of the organisers in the proposed topics;
   * Viability of the workshop.

The Team Behind RANLP-2013:
Galia Angelova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria (OC Chair)
Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield, UK 
Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton, UK (PC Chair)
Preslav Nakov, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar Foundation, Qatar
Nikolai Nikolov, INCOMA Ltd., Shoumen, Bulgaria 
Ivelina Nikolova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Kiril Simov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Irina Temnikova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Natalia Konstantinova, University of Wolverhampton, UK

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

LINGUIST List: Vol-24-74	

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