24.2134, TOC: Journal of Pragmatics 52 (2013)

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-2134. Tue May 21 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.2134, TOC: Journal of Pragmatics 52 (2013)

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Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 09:44:33
From: Christopher Tancock [c.tancock at elsevier.com]
Subject: Journal of Pragmatics Vol. 52 (2013)

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Publisher:	Elsevier Ltd
Journal Title:  Journal of Pragmatics 
Volume Number:  52 
Issue Number:   
Issue Date:  2013 

Subtitle:  Contexts of Use in Cognitive Sociolinguistics   

Main Text:  

1. Contexts and usage in Cognitive Sociolinguistics    
Pages 1-4 
Gitte Kristiansen, Dirk Geeraerts
2. Sources of variability relevant to the cognitive sociolinguist, and corpus-
as well as psycholinguistic methods and notions to handle them
Pages 5-16 
Stefan Th. Gries
3. It is … quite common for theoretical predictions to go untested (BNC_CMH).
A register-specific analysis of the English go un-V-en construction
Pages 17-33 
Doris Schönefeld
4. Towards a 3D-grammar: Interaction of linguistic and extralinguistic factors
in the use of Dutch causative constructions
Pages 34-48 
Natalia Levshina, Dirk Geeraerts, Dirk Speelman	 

5. Changing words or changing rules? Second dialect acquisition and
phonological representation
Pages 49-62 
Jennifer Nycz
6. The cognitive coherence of sociolects: How do speakers handle multiple
sociolinguistic variables?
Pages 63-71 
Gregory R. Guy	
7. Austrian dialect as a metonymic device: A cognitive sociolinguistic
investigation of Speaker Design and its perceptual implications
Pages 72-82 
Barbara Soukup
8. Language attitudes revisited: Auditory affective priming   
Pages 83-92 
Dirk Speelman, Adriaan Spruyt, Leen Impe, Dirk Geeraerts
9. The influence of regard on language variation and change   
Pages 93-104 
Dennis R. Preston

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
                     Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Dutch (nld)
                     English (eng)
                     German (deu)

LINGUIST List: Vol-24-2134	

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