24.2239, Support: Language Acquisition, Neurolinguistics: PhD Student, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-2239. Thu May 30 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.2239, Support: Language Acquisition, Neurolinguistics: PhD Student, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 12:33:45
From: John Williams [jnw12 at cam.ac.uk]
Subject: Language Acquisition, Neurolinguistics: PhD Student, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

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 Institution/Organization: University of Cambridge 
Department: Theoretical and Applied Linguistics 
Web Address: http://www.mml.cam.ac.uk/dtal/ 

Level: PhD 

Duties: Research
Specialty Areas: Language Acquisition 


Applications are invited from students with a background in linguistics,
psychology or neuroscience for two four-year ESRC-funded multi-disciplinary
studentships on the neural basis of adult second language learning to be
jointly supervised by Dr John Williams (Department of Theoretical and Applied
Linguistics) and Dr Matt Davis (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit). The
studentships will explore the links between instructional methods, neural
processes (measured using functional magnetic resonance imaging or electro-
and magnetoencephalography) and behavioural outcomes (language performance).
The main focus will be on topics in lexical learning (especially morphology)
and syntax, though detailed research proposals will be developed through
discussions with the supervisors.
The aim of these multi-disciplinary studentships is to provide students from a
psycholinguistics background with neuroscience training, or students from a
neuroscience background with psycholinguistics training. Hence, candidates
should have a strong masters or undergraduate degree in either field, but
previous experience in both neuroimaging and psycholinguistics is not
required. However, prior research experience in language processing or human
learning and memory is desirable. Computing and statistical skills for
research in linguistics, behaviour or neuroimaging are essential as is a
desire to further develop these skills.

Start date: October 2013 (but negotiable)
Stipend: £20,826 per annum. 
Eligibility: The studentships offer tuition fees and a maintenance grant in
accordance with Research Council eligibility criteria, which means that the
studentships are not available to citizens of non-EU countries. For ESRC
eligibility requirements see:
students/eligibility/index.aspx (note that EU citizens may be able to apply
for additional maintenance funding).

To apply, send a CV and personal statement to Dr John Williams,
jnw12 at cam.ac.uk

Informal enquiries may be directed to either John Williams, jnw12 at cam.ac.uk,
or Matt Davis, Matt.Davis at mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk.

Application Deadline: 14-Jun-2013 

Mailing Address for Applications:
	Attn: Dr John Williams 
Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics 
9 West Road 
Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 9DP 
United Kingdom 
Web Address for Applications: http://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/-29332/ 

Contact Information: 
	Dr John Williams 
jnw12 at cam.ac.uk  

LINGUIST List: Vol-24-2239	

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