24.4636, Confs: Discourse Analysis, Applied Ling, Cognitive Science/Switzerland

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-4636. Wed Nov 20 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.4636, Confs: Discourse Analysis, Applied Ling, Cognitive Science/Switzerland

Moderator: Damir Cavar, Eastern Michigan U <damir at linguistlist.org>

Monica Macaulay, U of Wisconsin Madison
Rajiv Rao, U of Wisconsin Madison
Joseph Salmons, U of Wisconsin Madison
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Anja Wanner, U of Wisconsin Madison
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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 13:08:56
From: Marianne Grassi Moulin [marianne.grassi-moulin at unine.ch]
Subject: CRSI - Inaugural Conference

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CRSI - Inaugural Conference 

Date: 04-Feb-2014 - 04-Feb-2014 
Location: Neuchâtel, Switzerland 
Contact: Marianne Grassi Moulin 
Contact Email: marianne.grassi-moulin at unine.ch 
Meeting URL: http://www2.unine.ch/interactions-sociales 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Cognitive Science; Discourse Analysis 

Meeting Description: 

The University of Neuchâtel is founding a Center for Research on Social Interactions as part of its ongoing strategic development. The Center brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers who conduct detailed investigations of social interaction processes, focusing especially on their interpersonal, symbolic and institutional aspects.

Le CRIS - Centre de recherche sur les interactions sociales est un regroupement interdisciplinaire de chercheurs de l’Université de Neuchâtel qui étudient les processus d’interaction sociale, en privilégiant particulièrement leurs aspects interpersonnels, symboliques et institutionnels. Le CRIS poursuit trois objectifs :

• produire et promouvoir la recherche interdisciplinaire sur les interactions sociales
• contribuer à la formation de la relève de pointe dans l’optique d’une complémentarité disciplinaire et méthodologique, et 
• profiler la recherche sur les processus d’interaction sociale en tant qu’axe neuchâtelois fort sur le plan national et international. 

The opening of the Center will be celebrated by an inaugural conference that will take place on February 4, 2014, in the afternoon, 2 pm to 6 pm. The conference will consist of plenary talks by three eminent scientists: Simon Garrod (University of Glasgow), Tanya Stivers (UCLA), and Steve Walsh (Newcastle University).

The conference is free and open to the public, but we ask that attendees register in order to facilitate planning. 

Programme de la journée du 4 février 2014

Ouverture de la manifestation
Allocution de Mme Simona Pekarek Doehler, vice-rectrice et de M. Adrian Bangerter, coordinateur du CRIS

Steve Walsh
Space for learning: Applying corpus linguistics and conversation analysis in the investigation of small group teaching in higher education

Tanya Stivers
Shaping treatment outcomes: How parents affect decisions in routine illness medical visits in the US
Simon Garrod
What can 'Pictionary' tell us about the evolution of human communication?
Apéritif offert sur place

Repas (sur inscription préalable)

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