24.4822, Support: Phonetics, Phonology, Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax/Germany

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LINGUIST List: Vol-24-4822. Fri Nov 29 2013. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 24.4822, Support: Phonetics, Phonology, Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax/Germany

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Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 14:01:48
From: Werner Frey [frey at zas.gwz-berlin.de]
Subject: PhD Student, Centre for General Linguistics, Germany

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 Institution/Organization: Centre for General Linguistics, Berlin 
Web Address: http://www.zas.gwz-berlin.de 

Level: PhD 

Duties: Research
Specialty Areas: Phonetics; Phonology; Pragmatics; Semantics; Syntax 


The Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS), Berlin, Germany, offers a funded position for a PhD candidate who wishes to obtain the degree of Dr. phil. (philosophiae) (Salary Scale TVL-E13/2) to be filled at earliest practicable date for a period of three years.

The Centre seeks a candidate who will complete a Ph.D. thesis within these three years in one of the areas specified below.
(1) The project will be concerned with the interplay between breathing and discourse structure as being modelled in semantic theories of discourse. Certain aspects of speech respiration could also be considered under the perspective of their communicative functions.
(2) Prosodic realization of indirect speech: reports of speech allow different syntactic realisations and different forms of semantic shifts. The project experimentally investigates prosodic and intonational correlates of these.
(3) Root phenomena in embedded clauses and/or parenthesis: this project investigates and compares the syntax and pragmatics of root phenomena in dependent structures in languages in the expertise of the candidate.

The candidate will work closely with members of at least two different program areas at ZAS. The supervisor of the Ph.D. thesis can be either a ZAS staff member who is a Professor or Privatdozent or an external Professor.

Applicants are expected to have a very good knowledge of the relevant fields of linguistic theory and a strong interest in empirical work.

Applications must be submitted via electronic mail and include the following items: 
1) a letter of interest;
2) a CV; 
3) a research proposal of three pages; 
4) the master's thesis or equivalent, other writing samples;
5) certificates.

Applications Deadline: 5-Jan-2014

Application Email: application at zas.gwz-berlin.de

Further information: 
project (1): Dr. Susanne Fuchs, fuchs at zas.gwz-berlin.de
project (2): Prof. Dr. Truckenbrodt, hubert.truckenbrodt at googlemail.com
project (3): Dr. Kerstin Schwabe, schwabe at zas.gwz-berlin.de 

Application Deadline: 05-Jan-2014 

Mailing Address for Applications:
	Attn: Dr. Werner Frey 
Schuetzenstr. 18 
Berlin 10117 
Contact Information: 
	Dr. Werner Frey 
frey at zas.gwz-berlin.de  

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