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Subject: 24.4821, Qs: Please take part in my survey

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Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 13:43:13
From: Marta Góralczyk [m.goralczyk90 at gmail.com]
Subject: Please take part in my survey

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Dear Linguists,

as a part of my MA thesis on psycholinguistics, I conduct a survey on how native speakers of English perceive relatedness/unrelatedness of exchanges between other people. It is really surprising on which basis we link utterances and find implications in dialogues that are not directly related.

However, I have a problem - I study in Poland where the access to the native speakers of English is very limited.

Please, take part in my survey, which will help me to finish my project:

http://www.instant.ly/s/NfLMN .

Feel free to forward the link to anyone who can be interested in taking part in my study.

Thank you a lot in advance!


Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

LINGUIST List: Vol-24-4821	

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