25.3211, TOC: Journal of Pragmatics 69 (2014)

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Subject: 25.3211, TOC: Journal of Pragmatics 69 (2014)

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Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2014 14:51:24
From: Michelle Fisher [m.fisher at elsevier.com]
Subject: Journal of Pragmatics Vol. 69 (2014)

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Publisher:	Elsevier Ltd
Journal Title:  Journal of Pragmatics 
Volume Number:  69 
Issue Number:   
Issue Date:  2014 

Subtitle:  Towards an Emancipatory Pragmatics Part Three   

Main Text:  

Special Issue: Towards an Emancipatory Pragmatics Part Three

2. Introduction to emancipatory pragmatics, Special issue Part 3: From practice theory to ba theory    
William F. Hanks	 
Pages 1-3

3. Toward meanings of expressive indexicals: The case of Japanese demonstratives konna/sonna/anna   
Keiko Naruoka
Pages 4-21
4. From compensation to integration: Effects of the pro-tactile movement on the sublexical structure of Tactile American Sign Language   
Terra Edwards	 
Pages 22-41

5. Listening genres: The emergence of relevance structures through the reception of sound   
Xochitl Marsilli-Vargas	
Pages 42-51
6. Emotion and instantaneous choice in interactional linguistic pragmatics: Cross-cultural perspectives   
William O. Beeman	
Pages 52-62
7. Virtual ie: A three-generational household mediated by webcam interactions   
Chiho Sunakawa	 
Pages 63-81

8. Why self-deprecating? Achieving ‘oneness’ in conversation   
Myung-Hee Kim	 
Pages 82-98

9. The wide use of mai-pen-rai ‘It's not substantial’ in Thai interactions and its relationship to the Buddhist concept of Tri Laksana   
Natthaporn Panpothong, Siriporn Phakdeephasook	 
Pages 99-107

10. Rethinking Western individualism from the perspective of social interaction and from the concept of ba   
Scott Saft
Pages 108-120  

Linguistic Field(s): Pragmatics

Subject Language(s): American Sign Language (ase)
                     English (eng)
                     Japanese (jpn)
                     Javanese (jav)
                     Korean (kor)
                     Persian, Iranian (pes)
                     Thai (tha)

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