25.3377, Calls: Applied Linguistics/ Lingue Culture Mediazioni / Languages Cultures Mediation (Jrnl)

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Subject: 25.3377, Calls: Applied Linguistics/ Lingue Culture Mediazioni / Languages Cultures Mediation (Jrnl)

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Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 15:56:55
From: Giuliana Garzone [giuliana.garzone at unimi.it]
Subject: Applied Linguistics/ Lingue Culture Mediazioni / Languages Cultures Mediation (Jrnl)

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Full Title: Lingue Culture Mediazioni / Languages Cultures Mediation 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 20-Sep-2014 

Issue nr. 1 vol. 2 (2015) of the journal Lingue Culture 
Mediazioni/Languages Cultures Mediation (LCM, 
http://www.ledonline.it/index.php/LCM-Journal) will focus on the 
following theme: Tourism Communication, Representation and 
Mediation between East and West (see Rationale below).

Authors are cordially invited to submit an abstract of 300 words (and 
selected bibliographical references) in Italian, or English, or French, or 
Spanish to the following address:
LCM-journal at ledonline.it, and donatella.dolcini at unimi.it by 20 
September 2014. 

Deadline for abstract submission: 20 September 2014
Notification of abstract acceptance: 30 September 2014
Deadline for paper submission: 15 January 2015
Deadline for revised version submission: 15 March 2015
All articles will undergo double-blind peer review.

Tourism Communication, Representation and Mediation between East 
and West
Editors: Donatella Dolcini & Rana P.B. Singh
Today not only is tourism an extremely important economic resource 
for many countries, but it also represents an extraordinary opportunity 
for mediation between languages, cultures and civilizations, both in 
terms of individual experience and on a systemic and institutional 
level, being a site of exchanges and encounters. Given that occasions 
of mediation are all the more meaningful the greater the geographical 
and anthropological distance between the places and the communities 
involved, of special interest are representations of the West and its 
manifold territories and cultures addressed to the emerging sector of 
Asian tourism and, symmetrically, representations of Eastern 
landscapes and civilizations for the benefit of the Western tourist.
In light of the unprecedented expansion of tourist flows between East 
and West, also resulting from the opening of the big tourist markets of 
India and China, issue nr.2 of LCM is open to contributions that 
explore the strategies of mediation enacted in this sector to 
communicate and represent places, cultures and civilizations in 
various forms of discourse - traditional, multimodal and digital - 
deployed in tourism activities and in travel literature: tourist guides, 
texts for destination promotion (fliers, brochures, advertising 
campaigns), newspaper and magazine articles, documentary films and 
movies, literary works, websites, blogs and travel journals. Especially 
welcome are research works that investigate communication about and 
representation of Europe and other countries in tourist communication 
aimed at Asian audiences (e.g. India, Pakistan, China, Middle East) as 
well as studies focusing on the representation of Asia in tourist 
communication addressed to Western markets.

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-3377	


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